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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Surname Saturday ~ Treadway of Watertown, Massachusetts


Nathaniel Treadway was the first Treadway in New England, arriving in Massachusetts in 1630.  He was a weaver and he settled first in Watertown and then at Sudbury, where he was an original grantee in 1638/9.  His house lot was located between John Knight and John Stone, who was married to the daughter of Elder Edward Howe, his uncle.

When Elder Howe died in 1644, Nathaniel Treadway inherited his land in Watertown.  He also inherited land from Deacon Stone.  This has caused some genealogists to guess that Treadway’s wife was a Howe, which is an erroneous conclusion.  Nathaniel Treadway’s parents were Nathaniel Treadway and Mary Howe, married at St. Botolphe parish, Colchester, Essex, England on 21 September 1614.  Mary Howe is the daughter of Edward Howe and Ann Lumpkin, baptized at Boxted, England on 23 January 1591/2, and sister to Elder Edward Howe of Massachusetts.

Although you may read incorrectly that Nathaniel Treadway’s wife, Sufferana (AKA Sufferance) was the daughter of Edward Howe.  The truth is found in the Middlesex South County records, probate, 25 May 1659, proved 4 April 1665 name Walter Haynes’s daughter as Treddoway (TREADWAY).    Nathaniel and Sufferana Treadway are buried in the Old Burying Ground at Watertown.

Nathaniel Treadway’s story and his mother’s lineage are outlined in The Ancestry of Eva Belle Kempton 1878-1908, Part 1: The Ancestry of Warren Francis Kempton 1817 – 1879, by Dean Crawford Smith and Melinde Lutz Sanborn, NEHGS, 1996.  There is also a sketch in Divided We Stand: Watertown, Massachusetts 1630 – 1680 by Roger Thompson, University of Massachusetts Press, 2001, pages 44 – 50.  There is also information found in Genealogy of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown by Henry Bond, NEHGS, 1860.  The New England Historic Genealogical Society Register, Volume 65, pages 295 -297 present the case for Sufferana Haynes as the daughter of Walter Haynes.

Several American Treadway lineages, including Nathaniel of Watertown, are outlined at this website:

My Treadway ancestry:

1. Nathaniel Treadway, son of Nathaniel Treadway and Mary Howe, born in England and died 20 July 1689 Watertown, Massachusetts; married to Sufferana Haynes, daughter of Walter Haynes and Elizabeth Gourd, who died 22 July 1682 in Watertown.  Seven children.
2. Lydia Treadway, born 1 September 1649, died 18 September 1743; married on 2 October 1667 to Josiah Jones, son of Lewis Jones and Anna.  Ten children.

3. Anna Jones married Joseph Mixer
3. Joseph Mixer married Mary Ball
5. Lucy Mixer married Andrew Munroe
6. Andrew Munroe married Ruth Simonds
7. Luther Simonds Munroe married Olive Flint
8. Phebe Cross Munroe married Robert Wilson Wilkinson
9. Albert Munroe Wilkinson married Isabella Lyons Bill
10. Donald Munroe Wilkinson married Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Surname Saturday ~ Jones of Watertown, Massachusetts


Unfortunately for me, I have several JONES families in my family tree, and all were genealogist's nightmares, except for this JONES line, which has been well documented. 

Lewis Jones was one of the first to settle in Watertown, Massachusetts arriving with Ann, his wife, arrived with her family on 15 April 1635 on the ship “Increase”.  They joined the church of Reverend John Eliot, the pastor to the Indians.  The Joneses lived in Roxbury and then in the part of Watertown that is now Belmont, Massachusetts. 

His son, my 8x great grandfather, Josiah Jones, served in King Philip’s War and was made the captain of the Watertown militia.  He removed to Weston, Massachusetts and became a church deacon. 


Lewis Jones died April 11, 1684, will made Jan. 7, 1678.

In the name of God Amen, I, Lewis Jones, in Watertown, in New England, being at p'sent of p'fect understanding and memory, though weak of body, committing my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to decent buryall, in hope of a Ressurrection into eternal life, through the Merrits and power of Jesus Christ my most gracious Savior and Redeemer; do thus dispose of that estate which God has graciously given unto me--; Considering the weak and helpless condition of my dear wife, Ann Jones, and of my son, Suball Jones, my will and pleasure is, that the whole of my estate (after the discharge of my debts and my buriall) be improved for their supply, the benefits of it, and also the principal, if they stand in need thereof. And my further will and pleasure is y't when the Lord shall please to remove either of them by death, that then that which remaineth shall be wholly to the use of the other so long as either of them shall live; & if the Lord shall so dispose that anything remaineth after their death, that when what remaineth be divided, two parts to my daughter, Lydia Whitney, if she be then living, & one part to my son Josiah; but if Lydia be dead, that w't remaineth be divided equally to my son Josiah, if living, or such of his children as shall be living, and the children of my daughter Lydiah that shall then be living, & of this my last will, I do constitute my son Josiah my sole executor and do earnestly desire my loving friend and Brother John Stone to be overseer, to assist my son in the managing of ye estate so as may be best for the comfort of my poor wife and child aforesd, and in confirmation hereof I have hereunto set my Marke and seale  The Marke -??- & seal of

Lewis Jones.
This 7th day of ye 11th, 1678

A Codicil annexed to ye above sd will, 19, 2, 1682 (after
the death of the wife of the testator):
As a further addition to my last Will and Testament, I do nominate and appoynt my assured friends, Simon Stone & John Stone of Watertown, to be guardians unto my son
Suball Jones, to whose prudence and wisdom I do commit & send the governm't of my sd son, and the disposal of all that estate as well real and p'sonal to my sd son bequeathed: & I do hereby authorize and empower sd Guardians, or the longest liver of them, to make sale of any part of my house and lands as there shall appear to them needful for the belief of my sd son Shuball Jones
his mark
Lewis Y Jones
The above will was proved June 17, 1684.
Jonath. Remington, Clericus.

My lineage from Lewis Jones:

Generation 1:  Lewis Jones, born 1605 and died 11 April 1684 in Watertown, Massachusetts; married in England to Anna.   Four children.

Generation 2:  Josiah Jones, born 2 October 1643 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, died 9 October 1714 in Watertown; married on 2 October 1667 to Lydia Treadway, daughter of Nathaniel Treadway and Sufferana Haynes, born 1 September 1649 and died 18 September 1743.  Ten children.

Generation 3: Anna Jones, born 28 July 1684 and died 1736; married before 1704 to Joseph Mixer, son of Isaac Mixer and Rebecca Garfield, born 9 August 1674 in Watertown, died 10 December 1723 in Watertown.  Nine children.

Generation 4. Joseph Mixer m. Mary Ball
Generation 5. Lucy Mixer m. Andrew Munroe
Generation 6. Andrew Munroe m. Ruth Simonds
Generation 7. Luther Simonds Munroe m. Olive Flint
Generation 8. Phebe Cross Munroe m. Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 9. Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 10. Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my paternal grandparents)

Divided We Stand: Watertown, Massachusetts 1630 – 1680 by Roger Thompson, Amherst, Mass:  University of Massachusetts Press, 2001

Genealogies of the Families and Descendants of the Early Settlers of Watertown, Massachusetts, by Henry Bond, Boston: Little, Brown, & Company, 1855

History of the Jones Family, by William Henry Jones, 1834 manuscript at the New England Historic Genealogical Society MSS C 5012 (Genealogy with charts of the descendants of Josiah Jones and his wife Lydia Treadway)

Copyright 2012, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Surname Saturday ~ Haynes of Sudbury, Massachusetts


Walter Haynes was born in Sutton, Wiltshire, England.  He sailed to New England aboard the Confidence in 1638 with his wife, children and three servants.  He settled at Watertown and was a linen weaver, but a year later left with several other families to found the town of Sudbury on 22 December 1639.  He became a freeman in 1640, representative to the General Court and selectman for ten years

Walter Haynes’s will, dated 1659, shows his daughter and my ancestor, Sufferana (don’t you love that Puritan name?) listed as Treadway “Treddoway”.  She was a child on board the Confidence when the family came to America.  Walter’s place of burial is unknown. He died on 14 February 1665 and his will was proved on 4 April 1665.   

A garrison house Walter Haynes built on the west side of Sudbury saw action during an attack 21 April 1675, about ten years after his death. The settlers hiding inside were saved from burning to death when the Indians rolled a burning hay wagon towards the house.  

For more information:

The complied genealogy for this family is Walter Haynes of Sutton Mandeville, Wiltshire, England & Sudbury, Mass. & His Descendants, 1583-1928, by Frances Haynes, 1929.  Another good resource is The Ancestry of Calvin Robinson Mower (1840 – 1927), by Lyman Mower, 2004, pages 299 – 313.   Walter Haynes is mentioned many times in the book The History of Sudbury, Massachusetts, 1638 – 1889 by Alfred Sereno Hudson, 1889.

Indians Attacking a Garrison House, from an Old Wood Engraving
This is likely a depiction of the attack on the Haynes Garrison, Sudbury, April 21, 1676

Wikipedia Commons

A story with photos about the Haynes Garrison in Sudbury:

My Haynes lineage:

Generation 1: Walter Haynes, born 1583 in Sutton Mandifield, Wiltshire, England, died 14 February 1665; he married Elizabeth Unknown.  Five children.

Generation 2: Sufferana Haynes, born in England, died 22 July 1682 in Watertown, Massachusetts; married Nathaniel Treadway, who died 20 July 1689.  Four children.

Generation 3:  Lydia Treadway m. Josiah Jones
Generation 4:  Anna Jones m. Joseph Mixer
Generation 5: Joseph Mixer m. Mary Ball
Generation 6. Lucy Mixer m. Andrew Munroe
Generation 7: Andrew Munroe m. Ruth Simonds
Generation 8: Luther Simonds Munroe m. Olive Flint
Generation 9: Phebe Cross Munroe m. Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 10: Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 11: Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my paternal grandparents)

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