Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

Columbus Square, NYC 2009
There are at least two statues of Christopher Columbus in Boston. One is on Beacon Hill, inside the private park at Louisburg Square (sorry! You need a key to get closer), and the second, more famous, is located at Christopher Columbus Park in the North End. This last park is the one on the waterfront next to the Marriott Hotel. The Italians of the North End claim Columbus as a national hero, but so do the Spaniards, Portugese and citizens of various Caribbean nations. This statue made headlines in June 2006 when vandals decaptiated Columbus. Later, after repairs, it was vandalized again on Columbus Day 2006 with a coat of red paint. This has been a regular occurance, unfortunately.
Columbus Park, Boston
I’ve seen similar statues to Columbus in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico (where he actually landed); Granada, Spain (where he spoke to Isabella and Ferdinand); Madrid, Spain (in the center of Plaza Colon); New York City (in the center of Columbus Circle); Revere, Massachusetts; San Juan, Puerto Rico (Plaza Colon again); and Worcester, Massachusetts (near the Amtrak station). There must be hundreds of other statues of the famous explorer sprinkled across the globe.

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