Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Two Columbus Tombs!

These tombs are located inside the Gothic cathedral of Seville, Spain.  This building was first constructed in the 1100s as Seville's main mosque by the Moors.  In 1218 the mosque was consecrated as a cathedral and in 1434 work began on building the main part of the Gothic church.  The Muslim minaret, now known as the Giralda Tower was modified to what you see now attached to the cathedral.
Seville Cathedral
Near the tourist entrance one of the first tombs is Hernando Columbus, the second son of explorer Christopher Columbus.  He died in Seville in 1539.   This tomb is in the middle of the floor near the Door of the Assumption.

Near the main entrance is the tomb of Christopher Columbus. These bones were moved from Havana, Cuba after Cuba declared its independence in 1898.   If you visit Santo Domingo you will also find a tomb to Christopher Columbus.  No one is quite sure which is the real burial place.  Most people think that the bones in Santo Domingo are the true body of Columbus, and DNA suggests that the bones in Seville are of his brother Diego.

The Columbus monument is four figures bearing a coffin
This type of burial is called a catafalque
We were in a rush to get to a wedding that afternoon, but I could have explored this cathedral all day, or for several days.  There was much history here, from the Muslim occupation, through the glory days of Isabella and Ferdinand's reign, to the 20th century and beyond.

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  1. I celebrated Christmas mass at the Cathedral in Seville 15 years ago with Christopher (possibly) over my shoulder. The organ there is exquisite to sing with. It was quite the service.

  2. Wow, that's something. I had never known where Christopher Columbus... er... ended up. Must be very moving to be in this cathedral!

  3. Un interesante documento sobre Colon...(subtitulos en Ingles)