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Surname Saturday ~ PERKINS of Ipswich, Massachusetts


When the ship Lyon sailed for New England in 1630 it had my 10th great grandfather, John Perkins, on board, along with his wife, Judith, and six of his eight children.  The records of Hilmorton England contain the baptisms of the first six children, and are now in the Shirehall of Warwick, England.  John and Judith Perkins were admitted to the Boston church in 1631 as members 107 and 108.  Their youngest child was baptized in the Boston First church in 1632.

In 1633 he removed from Boston to Ipswich, where he received several grants of land. In 1664 some commissioners were sent to Massachusetts by King Charles I.  Some colonists did not agree with their report back to the King.  Among the 72 men in Ipswich who signed the petition were John Perkins, Jr. and Jacob Perkins (my 9th great grandfather).

Jacob Perkin's sister, Mary, married Thomas Bradbury.  She was tried for witchcraft in 1692 and sentenced to be executed.  Mary Bradbury escaped and was hidden by her family, and lived until 20 Dec 1700.  

Estate of John Perkins, Sr. of Ipswich
Essex Probate Docket # 21337

28th of ye first mo called March, 1654.
I John Perkins the elder of Ipswich being at this tyme sick and weake in body yet through the mercy and goodness of the Lord retaining my understanding and memory: doe thus dispose of and bequeath my temporall estate as Followeth.
First. I do give and bequeath unto my eldest sonn John Perkins a foale of my young mare being now with foale if it please the Lord she foale it well also I give and bequeath to my sonn John's two sonnes John and Abraham to each of them one of my yearling heyfers: also I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Perkins one cow and one heyfer also I give and bequeath to his son John Perkins one ewe and to be delivered for his use at the next shearing time also I doe give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Sargent one cow and an heyfer to be to her and her children after her decease as it may please ye Lord they may increase, the proffits or increase to be equally devided amongst the sayde children: also I do give to my daughter Mary Bradbury one cow and one heyfer or a young steere to remain to her and to her children in theyr increase or proffits as it shall please the Lord to bless them and to be equaly devided to ye children: also I doe give and bequeath to my daughter Lidia Bennitt one cow and one heyfer or steere to be equaly devided to her children in theyr increase or proffits after her decease; I doe also give unto my grandchilde Thomas Bradbury one ewe to be sett apart for his use at ye next shearing tyme: also I do give and bequeathe unto my sonn Jacob Perkins my dwelling house together with all the outhowseing and all my landes of one kinde and other together with all improvements thereupon to be his in full possession according to a former covenant after the decease of my wyfe and nott before and so to remaine to him and to his heires forever; all the rest of my estate of one kinde and other
I do wholy leave my deare wife Judith Perkins apointing and ordaining my sade wyfe the sole Executrix of this my last will and Testament Desiring my sayde wife to dispose of the cattell above mentioned according to her discresion as they shall prove steeres or heyfers, also to dispose of some of the increase of the sheep to ye children of my sonn Thomas and of my three daughters at the Discresion of my sayde wife and this I doe ordaine as my Last will and Testament subscribed with my own hand this twenty eight day of ye first month 1654.
John Perkins (signed)

Signed in presence of
William Barthomew
Thomas Harris

Proved in court held at Ipswich 27 (7) 1654 by the oath of William Bartholmew and Thomas Harris per me
Robert Lord, cleric

For more PERKINS information:

The Family of John Perkins of Ipswich, Massachusetts by George A. Perkins, 1889

Wildes : The Ancestry of Dudley Wildes, 1759-1820, of Topsfield, Massachusetts, by Walter Goodwin Davis, Portland Maine, The Anthoensen Press 1959, p.75-76.  (This work has the English origins of John Perkins back to 1475)

The Great Migration Begins, by Robert Charles Anderson, Boston: NEHGS, 1995, Volume 3, pages 1431 – 1433.

My PERKINS genealogy:

Generation 1: John Perkins, son of Henry Perkins and Elizabeth Sawbridge, born 23 December 1583 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England, died between 28 March and 26 September 1654 in Ipswich, Massachusetts; married on 9 October 1608 in Hillmorton to Judith Gater, daughter of Michael Gater and Isabel Bayley.  She was baptized on 19 March 1589 in Hillmorton, and died after 26 September 1654 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Eight children. 

Generation 2: Jacob Perkins, baptized on 12 September 1624 in Hillmorton, died 29 January 1700 in Ipswich; married about 1648 to Elizabeth Whipple, daughter of Matthew Whipple and Anne Hawkins. She was born about 1629 in Bocking, Suffolk, England and died 12 February 1685 in Ipswich. Nine children. Jacob married second to Damaris, widow of Nathaniel Robinson.

Generation 3: Jacob Perkins, born 3 August 1662 in Ipswich, died 12 November 1705 in Wells, Maine; married on 25 December 1684 in Ipswich to Elizabeth Sparks, daughter of John Sparks and Mary Roper. She was born about 1666 and died 10 April 1692 in Ipswich. Three children.  Jacob married second to Sarah Treadwell.

Generation 4: Elizabeth Perkins, born 18 March 1691 in Ipswich; married on 2 July 1711 to David Burnham, son of John Burnham and Elizabeth Wells. David was born 20 October 1688 and died 2 February 1770. Five children and I descend from two of them.

Lineage A:

Generation 5: David Burnham m. Elizabeth Marshall
Generation 6: Amos Burnham m. Sarah Giddings
Generation 7: Judith Burnham m. Joseph Allen
Generation 8: Joseph Allen m. Orpha Andrews
Generation 9: Joseph Gilman Allen m. Sarah Burnham Mears
Generation 10: Joseph Elmer Allen m. Carrie Maude Batchelder
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

Lineage B:

Generation 5: Westley Burnham m. Deborah Story

Lineage B1:

Generation 6: Westley Burnham m. Molly Woodbury

Lineage B1a:

Generation 7: Asa Burnham m. Polly Bray
Generation 8: Lydia W. Burnham m. Samuel Mears
Generation 9: Samuel Mears m. Sarah Ann Burnham
Generation 10: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen (see above)

Lineage B1b:

Generation 7: Henry Burnham m. Sally Poland
Generation 8: Sarah Ann Burnham m. Samuel Mears
Generation 9: Sarah Burnham Mears m. Joseph Gilman Allen (see above)

Lineage B2:

Generation 6: Sarah Burnham m. Abner Poland
Generation 7: Sally Poland m. Henry Burnham (see above)

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  1. Another cousin connection-- I'm descended from three children of John Perkins and Judith Gater: John II, Elizabeth, and Mary. Will do a PERKINS surname post next weekend and link to this!

  2. from reader Diane Barker "Hello, Heather. Lucy Perkins, born between 1729-1739, probably at Ipswich, Essex, MA and her husband Isaac Solomon Andrews b circa 18 Jan 1729/30 at Ipswich, are two of my 5th great grandparents. They announced their intention to marry on 10 August 1754, at Ipswich (and did marry thereafter). They had moved to Hillsborough, NH by about 1765. Isaac became the town's first clerk, and he served in that post for 3 years. Lucy and Isaac became the parents of 11 children, 6 of whom, including my ancestor Perkins Andrews, were born in Concord, Middlesex, MA. There were 5 further children, born Hillsborough, NH. Isaac lived until 30 Dec 1796. Lucy had predeceased him, dying between the 25th April 1776 birth of her last child and the death of her husband. I have been searching for Lucy's parentage for some years, without success. Even NEHGS was not able to confirm Lucy's biographical details nor identify her parents. Do you have any information you would be willing to share with me? I would be most grateful! Diane Barker ("