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Ten New Things Genealogists will be requesting from Santa this year

In the middle of the great Family Tree Maker Kerfuffle of 2015 I forgot to post my usual 10th of the month top ten post.  Here it is for December 2015! 

The Top Ten New Things Genealogists will be requesting from Santa this year  (not counting replacement software for those who previously used Family Tree Maker)

1. Great Migration Directory,   this is the top item on my Santa list this year.  My fingers are crossed!   This authoritative book by Robert Charles Anderson was published earlier this summer.  According to the New England Genealogical Society this book is currently out of stock but it is being reprinted and expected to ship on December 23rd, so get your order in soon!  This volume covers individuals not included in the previous Great Migration compendia, and includes “all the names of all known to have come to New England during the Great Migration period, 1620 – 1640.  Each entry provides the name of the head of household, English or European origin (if known), date of migration, principal residences in New England, and the best available sources of information for the subject.”  Wow!  I can’t wait!

2. 23andMe health, traits and genealogy information DNA testing, but back at double the price (used to be $99, now $199).

3.  From my favorite archival products company, the Gaylord “My Family History Kit”  ($52.25 for a bundle that includes 12 generation pedigree chart, how to brochure, white gloves, file folders, envelopes, polyester sleeves, and much more) .  See this link for the full list of what is included ) Great for organizing, or a gift for a newbie genealogist!

4. Evidence Explained, third edition, published earlier this year in 2015 by Elizabeth Shown Mills.  If it isn’t already on your desk or shelf, you need to put it on your Santa list now!  I had the original 124 page first edition, which was published in 1997.  It looks like a kid’s book next to the new one which is almost 900 pages.  If you have the first edition, just imagine what new information you are missing?

6. How about a Family History Throw Pillow?  For $34.99 it is personalized with names and dates.  I’m in LOVE with this pillow.  And the company has loads of similar products. Check out this pillow at this link

7.  The newest, coolest kind of journaling and scrapbooking is Smash Books!  Have you checked it out yet?  One look at the video and you’ll be hooked.   This is great stuff for the genies and scrapbookers in your life, as well as for teens and kids, or for someone taking a grand vacation or trip abroad.

8.  New RootsMagic for Mac, for all you Apple fans out there.  RootsMagic 7 can be installed on both your Windows and your Mac computers, and the license covers all the machines you own in your household.   There is a free RootsMagic Essentials program to download too at this link:

9.  Two new Mayflower Silver books!
a.  The Descendants of Elder William Brewster, Part 1, Generations  1 through 4, volume 24 of the Mayflower Families through Five Generations Series, by Barbara Lambert Merrick, edited by Scott Andrew Bartley, 2014.  This book has been a work in process since the late 1980s.  It contains the first two generations (except for the Allerton family, descendants of Fear Brewster2) and the next two generations with citation.  There are two appendices with unassigned Brewster descendants.
b. The Descendants of John Alden, Part 4, Volume 16, compiled by Esther Littleford Woodworth-Barnes, edited by Alicia Crane Williams, completed by John Bradley Arthaud, 2015.  The 5th generation descendants of Ruth2 Alden. 
You can purchase these new Silver Books  from the General Society of Mayflower descendants by phone 508-746-5058 or online at this link:

10.  My personal fun genealogy gadget find for 2015:  A Fopydo stand for my iPhone, so I can use it as a scanner.  Sometimes I don’t bring my FlipPal, or it is not allowed.  In those cases I carry this very small, lightweight device so I can use my phone camera.  Very cool and inexpensive at only $15!   You can just take photos or you can download some scanning apps, including the one by Fopydo.  Available at the Fopydo website or at Amazon and other retailers.

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