Friday, December 28, 2012

Follow Friday ~Recommended blogs for the New Year

These are blogs I’ve enjoyed this year, and you might want to check them out in 2013… all come highly recommended!   Maybe some will become your favorites, too.


History Blogs:

Boston 1775 by J. L. Bell This blog concentrates on stories concerning the start of the American Revolution, especially in Boston in Massachusetts

Nupepa   translations of vintage  Hawaiian Language Newspapers

The Historical Society edited by Randall Stephens  a group blog by the Boston University Journal of the Historical Society

Two Nerdy History Girls by Isabella Bradford and Susan Holloway Scott observations on American History by two historical fiction authors

William & Mary Barrett Dyer by Christy K Robinson  observations on 17th century New England culture as it might have been seen by Mary Barrett Dyer, a Quaker martyr

Blog, or Die by Michael Aubrecht  “this site deals specifically with the politics, rebellion, and military affairs that guided our nation’s path toward securing liberty and freedom”

PastIsPresent by the American Antiquarian Society   stories about objects and documents found in the AAS archives in Worcester, Massachusetts

Early American Crime by Anthony Vaver   “an exploration of crime, criminals, and punishments from America’s past”

Around the Mall by the Smithsonian Museums

New England Blogs:

Boatbuilding with Burnham by Laurie Fullerton “stories, advice and information about wooden shipbuilding”  especially about Harold Burnham boatbuilders of Essex, Massachusetts

New England Folklore by Peter Muise  posts about New England myths, legends, folklore and traditions

Historic Buildings of Massachusetts by Daniel   and also Historic Buildings of Connecticut

Epsom, NH by the Epsom, New Hampshire Historical Society   daily photos, stories, documents and history from the small town of Epsom, New Hampshire

Plimoth Plantation, a loving history museum,  has several blogs at - these are my favorite three

    1)      The Riven Word the artisans department at Plimoth Plantation
    2)      They knew they were Pilgrims  what it is like to be a re-enactor at the 17th century English village at Plimoth Plantation museum

     3)      Pilgrim Seasonings stories from the culinary research department at Plimoth Plantation

“New to Me” Genealogy Blogs: 
      (I read many genealogy blogs, these are just the new ones I've enjoyed lately)

Past-Present-Future by smadar Belkind Gerson

Reflections by Kathryn Smith Lockhard

The Legal Genealogist by Judy Russell

The Pye Plate by Bette Wing

Tufts Family History by Tom Tufts

The Family Connection by Jeanie Roberts

La Zarza Pumareda by Francisca Martin

Massachusetts and More by Chris

My Maine Ancestry by Pam Carter

Copyright 2012, Heather Wilkinson Rojo


  1. Wow, thanks Heather! I really enjoy your blog as well. Genealogist are the nicest people.

  2. So honored to be mentioned in the company of these other awesome blogs! Thank you!

  3. That American Antiquarian Society blog is awesome. Thanks for the tip!!

  4. What a great list! Some of these I've read in the past, being interested in colonial history, but there are quite a few others that I hadn't seen before. "New England Folklore" looks especially interesting.

  5. Heather, thank you for the honor of including my Mary Barrett Dyer blogsite in your follow-list. I suppose it's unusual in that it's not a genealogy site, but rather an exploration of the culture and people surrounding the Dyers, and how William and Mary fit into the big picture. When I started reading history and historical fiction as a child, I was always fascinated by how people lived and what they thought in their time, and how, if I were dropped by a crane into their culture, I'd fit in. Many of the articles I've posted on the blog are a background for the scenes and chapters of the novel I'm writing.

  6. Heather,
    Thanks again for being a regular reader, it is appreciated more than you know. Looking forward as well to your wonderful blogs in 2013.