Thursday, February 16, 2023

Top Ten Books about Nutfield History and Genealogy


Years ago I had a series of blog posts called "Top Ten".  I posted about my top ten favorite books, top ten genealogy blogs for New England, my top ten brick wall ancestors, top ten genealogy tricks and tips, etc. etc.  Back in 2016 I posted my Top Ten Books about Nutfield  

I recently looked at this five year old blog post and decided it needed revising.  During the big 300th anniversary of the founding of Nutfield, some new books were published, and they really should be on this list, too.  Here is my new "Top Ten" list of Nutfield books!

1. History of Londonderry, By Rev. E. L. Parker, 1851.  This book is out of print, but widely available in used book stores and online book shops.  It is also available to read online at but there is nothing like having this good reference book right at your elbow. The back of the book is full of genealogies of early Londonderry families. 

2.  Vital Records of Londonderry, by Daniel Annis Gage, 1914 (covers 1719 – 1910) available online at the Internet Archive and the Hathi Trust websites for free.  There is also a PDF at the Pelham Library website   This book is also searchable at (check their card catalog. Yes!  Ancestry has a card catalog of books and resources!).

3.  Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America, by Charles Knowles Boston, 1910.  Available to read online at Google Book Search. 

4.  1718-2018: Reflections on 300 Years of the Scots Irish in Maine, first published 2019 by the Ulster Scots Agency in Belfast, and then published 2019 by the Maine Ulster Scots Project.  See the website to order a copy. 

5. Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The essential genealogical guide to early modern Ulster, 1600 - 1800, by William J. Roulston, 2018, by the Ulster Historical Foundation. 

6.  Londonderry Tales: Glimpses into Londonderry, New Hampshire's Past, by Sandy Dahlfred,   Sandy is a member of the Londonderry Historical Society. 

7. Nutfield Rambles, by Richard Holmes, Peter Randall Publisher, 2007.  This book, and the one below, are written by the Derry, New Hampshire town historian, Rick Holmes.  Both feature chapter length sketches from Nutfield and Derry town history. 

8. The Road to Derry:  A Brief History, by Richard Holmes, History Press, 2009. 

9.  History of Windham, in New Hampshire 1719 – 1883: A Scotch Settlement (commonly called Scotch-Irish), embracing nearly one third of the ancient settlement and historic township of Londonderry, NH, By Leonard Allison Morrison, 1883, available online  at Internet Archive.   There was also a supplement to this book written by Morrison in 1892 which includes marriages, births and deaths 1882 – 1892 and some obituaries.  This book has a huge genealogy section in the back!  

10.   Index to Genealogies in New Hampshire Town Histories, by William Copely, New Hampshire Historical Society, 2000. This is my favorite place to look up surnames from New Hampshire.  Many New Hampshire town history books have genealogy sections in the back, for the early settlers. Since many of the early Nutfield settlers stayed briefly in Londonderry and then moved on to other towns in New Hampshire, and other parts of the United States, this is a good place to start. (Please, NH Historical Society!  This book needs a new edition with some updating after 23 years!)

If you know of any other great books about Nutfield that should be on this list, leave a comment below!


To cite/link to this blog post: Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Top Ten Books about Nutfield History and  Genealogy", Nutfield Genealogy, posted February 16, 2023, ( accessed [access date]). 


  1. Thanks for the terrific list. Looking into one title, I had a bit of trouble. The author's name is DahLfred, not Dahfred, and the link to was dead. Here's a link directly to the book itself:

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the edit, and I've added the link to the blog post above!