Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crombie Double Gravestone - Tombstone Tuesday

 This double gravestone is located at East Derry, New Hampshire in Forest Hill Cemetery.   It is near the First Settler's plot, right behind the First Parish Church.   There is a strange hole in the left side of the stone, almost as if a rope had worn it out over time by rubbing against it.  

According to the Derry Town Historian, Richard Holmes, a suspect was caught trying to cut off the top of this tombstone with a stone cutter.  At the time, the fine for this vandalism was very small, but since then the fine has increased to thousands of dollars.  I'm glad to hear that this has stopped such senseless theft and vandalism, but sad to see that this beautiful stone has suffered.

ERECTED                  LIKEWISE
In Memory of                 In Memory of
Mrs. Jane Crombie         Mr. John Crombie
     wife of                       who departed this
Mr. John Crombie        Life Sept ye 25th
who departed this           AD 1772
LIfe  August ye 8th               In the 75th
AD 1772.  In the                  Year of
76th year of her                  his age

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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  1. What an amazing headstone. I have Crombies in my tree ...shame there is no connection.