Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I'll be posting something this weekend for Halloween, but in the meantime here is a compendium of spooky, scary or other frightening posts from the Nutfield Genealogy blog.  Don't read them just before going to bed tonight! Woooooo.....


The Ghost Town of Chinese Camp, California

The Ghost Town of Zealand, New Hampshire

A Ghost seen in the Towne Family Burial Ground, Londonderry, New Hampshire

The "Lady in Black", Fort George, Boston Harbor

A Haunted Londonderry Restaurant

A Haunted Derry Restaurant


Tammy Younger, the Witch of Dogtown, Massachusetts

The Truth about the Salem Witch Trials

Rebecca Nurse, Hung as a Witch in Salem in 1692

Other Scary Stories...

Landslide in Crawford Notch, New Hampshire

The 1819 Grave Robber in Essex, Massachusetts

The Pirate and Ocean Born Mary

Josie Langmaid, Murdered in 1875 and immortalized in a Ballad

Halloween Photos Past and Present

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