Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Weathervane Wednesday ~ At an Old Farm

I've been photographing the weather vanes in the historic area of Nutfield, New Hampshire.  Nutfield used to be where Derry and Londonderry are located today, but also covered Windham and parts of Hudson and Manchester, New Hampshire.   Today's weathervane is in Londonderry. 

Do you know the location of weathervane #47?   Scroll down to see the answer.

Today's weathervane is located at Griffin Avenue in Londonderry.  This is an old farmhouse, and the cupola is on the house, above the garage, not on the barn.  From Early Londonderry: Tidbits and Sketches, compiled by the Londonderry Historical Society, 1968, Volume III, page 129 "The first Frank Griffin came from Canada to Manchester and there married Margaret Drea, where their first two children were born.  In 1898 they came to Londonderry, buying a farm from Mr. W. Scolly.  On the farm was a two story colonial house, which Mr. Griffin later remodeled into the present three story house that you will see on the right of this Avenue.  The couple lost two children under two years of age, James and Josephine.  A nineteen year old son, John, was fatally hurt by having a horse kick him in the stomach.  The rest of the family consisted of Ann, Ellen, Francis, Charles, Teresa, Marguerite, and Elizabeth." 

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