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Roberts- Pogson Family Photo

This was actually an old family slide I found in my father's collection of family slides.  I don't know who photographed this image, since my parents aren't in this, nor any of my Dad's brothers.  It was possibly taken by one of his cousins and given to him.  The date appears to be the late 1950s or early 1960s, and the color is still great on the image even though most of the other slides in this box have faded or deteriorated.

I received this box of slides after my Dad and his brother had passed away.  Most of the people in this photo have already passed away, too.  When my Dad's surviving brother, my Uncle Richard, came to visit a few weeks ago, we tried to identify most of the people.  He took a copy of the image up to Alton Bay, New Hampshire to share with distant Pogson cousins, and we were able to learn the names of some of the rest of the folks.

This appears to be a gathering of my grandmother's extended family.  Her maiden name was Roberts, and she and her brother and sister were born in Leeds, England.

Kneeling in front (as if he were petting the dog that is escaping out of the frame...) is my grandfather Donald Munroe Wilkinson (1895 - 1977)

.... And next to my grandfather in the red skirt is Beatrice Pogson (1929 - 2005), daughter of my grandmother's sister Hilda Mary (Roberts) Pogson (1891 - 1990), who is standing behind her.  To Hilda's left is Marian (Hurd) Pogson, wife of Arthur William Pogson (1920 - 1993) (to Hilda's right, her son).  To the right of Arthur is my grandmother, Bertha Louise (Roberts) Wilkinson (1897- 1990).  Next to the right is Dorothy Pogson Davis (still living!) and then Bertha Pogson Tarbox (1917 - 2002) both daughters of Auntie Hilda.  To the far right are Ella May Townsend Tarbox (b. 1879), mother-in-law of Bertha, and her daughter Mildred Tarbox.  Missing from the photo is Ernest Tarbox (1915 - 1995), who probably took the photo since in includes all his family including wive's family and his mother and sister.

Family Tree Information:

Generation 1:  Samuel Roberts, son of John Roberts and Hannah Westeman, born about 1829 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, died before 1891; married on 21 March 1853 in Holbeck, Yorkshire to Mary Anne Stott, daughter of James Stott and Sarah Hesseltone.  Ten children including:

Generation 2:  2nd child: Sarah Anne Roberts, b. about 1855 in Leeds, died 1911 in Leeds; married in June 1872 in Leeds to William Pogson, son of John Pogson and Mary Unknown. Seven children including:

Generation 3:  Sixth child: Herbert Pogson, born 6 August 1889 in Leeds, died January 1971 in Saint Petersburg, Florida; married in 1914 in Leeds to Hilda Mary Roberts, daughter of John Peter Bowden Roberts and Emma Frances Warren, his first cousin (see below).  Four children  (all in the photo above)

1. Dorothy M.  Pogson, born 1916 in Massachusetts; married George Kenneth Davis, son of John Davis and Susie Parsons,  born 2 February 1907 in Lynn, Massachusetts, died in January 1982 in Alton, New Hampshire.

2. Hilda Bertha Pogson,, born 8 October 1917 in Beverly, Massachusetts, died 5 September 2002 in Milbury, Massachusetts; married to Ernest T. Tarbox, son of Ernest Frederick Tarbox and Ella May Townsend, born 9 October 1915, died on 16 October 1995 in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Two children.

3. Arthur William Pogson, born 21 December 1920 in Beverly, Massachusetts, died on 10 November 1993 in Melrose, Massachusetts; married first to Marion L. Hurd, two children.  Married second to Natalie Unknown.

4. Beatrice C. Pogson, born 14 October 1929 in Lynn, Massachusetts; died on 20 January 2005 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Unmarried.

Generation 2: Sixth child: John Peter Bowden Roberts, born in August 1865 in Leeds, died 23 August 1925 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married on 24 May 1890 in Leeds to Emma Frances Warren, daughter of Obed Thomas Warren and Betsey Hannah Stimson, born about 1870 in Peterborough, Northamptonshire, England, died in August 1925 in Beverly, Massachusetts.  Four children.

1.  Hilda Mary Roberts (see above, married to Herbert Pogson, her first cousin)

2.  Horace Warren Roberts, born 5 September 1895 in Leeds, died 2 November 1969 in Beverly, Massachusetts; married 23 June 1920 in Beverly to Katherine Bella MacDermid, daughter of Charles Colt MacDermid and Mary Ross, born 23 March 1896 in Marsboro, Quebec, died 30 December 1978 in Beverly.  Three children.

3. Bertha Louise Roberts, my grandmother, born 30 September 1897 in Leeds, died 17 March 1990 in Long Beach, California; married on 26 November 1926 in Beverly to Donald Munroe Wilkinson, son of Albert Munroe Wilkinson and Isabella Lyons Bill, born 23 October 1895, died on 24 July 1977 in Long Beach California.  Three sons.

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