Friday, December 30, 2011

The Nutfield Genealogy Top 10 for 2011

This is the time of the year that David Letterman and Time magazine and other media outlets publish their "Top 10" lists for the year.  So, thank you to everyone who read Nutfield Genealogy this year.  These are the top 10 stories at Nutfield Genealogy according to statistics provided by Blogger

1. Hezekiah Wyman and the Legend of the White Horseman  (over 1200 page views and counting since I wrote this story for Patriot's Day in April 2011!)
This story took place on the day of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, when Hezekiah Wyman taunted the British regulars who were retreating back to Boston.  They called him “Death on the Pale Horse” and probably a lot worse names, too!

2.  Treasure Chest Thursday – Publishing a Book for my Blog (almost as many hits as #1)
This post shows how I used to produce a hardcover book version of my blog, and why I preferred Blurb over other self publishing book companies.

3.  Canobie Lake Park, Salem, New Hampshire
Canobie Lake Park opened in 1902 as a trolley park to attract folks to use the trolley system on weekends, and it is still open!  I think many of the page views on this post are due to folks Googling for information for a visit to this amusement park, more than actually wanting the history.

4. The Carole Brinkman Unsolved Murder Mystery
This story was inspired by a bit of research I did for my cousin, who had bought a 1960s camera with a roll of undeveloped film.  He asked me to research the owner so he could return the film, and I was shocked to find out it belonged to a young lady who had been murdered!  Many of the comments I received are from townspeople who remembered the murder.

5.  The Midnight Ride of William Dawes
Did you know that Paul Revere did not set out alone on the night of 19 April 1775?  There were actually almost 100 riders out that night, but William Dawes accompanied Paul Revere for a large part of his ride.  I’m glad to see the name “William Dawes” showing up through Google searches.

6.  My Mayflower Passenger Ancestors
This is a compendium of lists written by other Geneabloggers of their Mayflower ancestors, published the week of Thanksgiving 2011.  I hope to make this an annual post, so watch for it again in 2012.   

7.  The Face of Genealogy
This is another compendium of blogger posts of  those who participated in providing lovely family photos, old and new, in response to an offensive article published by the website LA Weekly about the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in June 2011.  I love how the blogging community responded with this lovely tribute.  Thank you everyone!

8.  Thanksgiving Proclamation 2010
In 2009 and 2010 I posted a photo of New Hampshire’s Governor Lynch on the event of his signing the annual Thanksgiving Proclamation.  The New Hampshire Mayflower Society requested a proclamation for 2011, but it was left off the docket in the rush of changing the date for the New Hampshire Presidential Primary date in November.  This must be the reason why so many folks searched out another proclamation post this year, but it never appeared!  We’ll try again next year!

9.  The New England Geneablogger Bash
This was my post with photos for the first ever New England Geneablogger Bash, which was held by a small group of brave bloggers on the eve of Hurricane Irene. 

10.  A Visit to Plimoth Plantation
A post with many photos of the living history museum at Plymouth, Massachusetts.  It’s difficult to NOT get good photos here, and I’m sure it was popular with internet searches and kids. 

Stay tuned to see what ends up being the most popular posts next year!  I’m always surprised by the posts that end up being hits with my readers.  If you didn’t see your favorite story here, please leave me comment!  I’d love to know what you enjoyed reading at Nutfield Genealogy in 2011.

Copyright 2011, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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  1. You had a great year! Enjoyed reading these posts.