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Philo, Illinois Honor Roll

These photos and transcription were sent to me by Dean Reinhart of the Veterans Memorial in Philo, Illinois (Philo Township, Champaign County, Illinois).   The names are in alphabetical order, but are not separated by the name of the conflict or chronological order. 

Adams, Grant B. WWII Burr, John R. WWII
Anders, B. Franklin WWI Burr, Larry D. VN
Anders, Samuel L. WWI Burr, Paul E. WWII
Asklund, Kenneth WWII Burr, Robert D. WWII
Barnes, Russell Albert VN Burton, Clarence J. WWII
Bates, James M. WWII Butler, Richard J. VN
Bates, Wayne T. WWII *Byrd, William D. WWII
Boles, Delbert E. WWII Cain, Francis H. WWII
*Boles, Ernest E. WWII Cain, John L. WWII
Boles, Gernon F. WWII Cain, William A. KOR
Bowen, John VN Carter, Donald L. VN
Bowers, Edward Francis WWII Cekander, Chas. E. WWII
Brand, Thurman K. WWII Christian, Frederick Eugene KOR
Bray, James E. KOR Brand, Robert Irven
Brazelton, George W. KOR *Clark, Kenneth J. WWII
Brazelton, Jerry A. KOR Clark, Kermit M. WWII
Brazelton, Jewell L. KOR, VN Clark, Oliver W. WWII
Brazelton, John D. VN Clennon, Cecil F. WWII
Brazelton, Joseph E. WWII Clennon, John V. WWII
Breen, William F. WWII Clennon, LawrenceT. WWI
Brewer, Kenneth I. WWII Clennon, Leo J. WWII
Buddie, Fred C. WWII Clennon, William F. WWII
Burr, Billy D. KOR Clevenger, Roy M. WWII
Collowhill, Marie Anne WWII, KOR Gorman, William J. KOR
Conley, Mary Kay Craven Grove, L. Bernard KOR
Cox, John A. WWII Grove, Robert W. KOR
Craven, Bradford C. VN Grove, William E. VN
Craven, Fred C. KOR Grothe, Paul WWI
Crump, Robert W. VN Guiney, Robert KOR
Daly, John Phillip Hale, Robert M. KOR
Daly, Chas. B. WWII Hall, Francis C. WWII
Daly, John J. WWII Hamer, Earl L. KOR
Daly, Joseph “Tater” OIF Hamilton, James P. VN
Daly, Leo F. Jr. KOR Happ, Donald L. KOR
Daly, Levi James OIF Harris, Richard W.
Davis, John M. WWII Healy, John VN
Decker, Alvin L. WWII, KOR Freeland, Kenneth W. KOR
Decker, Herman N. WWI Iberg, Mary E. VN
Decker, Maurice F. KOR Koeberlein, Clarence J. KOR
Deem, Thomas E. DS Lawhead, Timothy L.
Dennis, George E. WWII Hosteny, Thomas J. VN
Dennis, Robert J. WWII Hughes, James A. VN
Dilley, Charles E. WWI Ivey, Maurice WWII
Dilley, Collins WWII *Jackson, Paul V. WWII
Dilley, Edward W. WWII Jones, Melvin L. WWII
Dilley, Owen WWII Jones, Richard E. KOR
Dilley, William K. WWII Jones, Robert J. WWII
Ditullio, James J. WWII Kamerer, Barry A. VN
Doss, William D. WWII Kamerer, Richard Farwell WWII
Ducey, Gerald J. WWII Kelley, F. Anthony VN
Ducey, Williams G. WWII Kelley, Howard R. WWII, KOR, VN
Elkins, Stephen B. VN Kibler, George D. VN
Ellars, Harley E. KOR Kirby, Dale E. VN
Ellars, Harley M. WWI Kirby, Kenneth P. VN
Ellars, James W. KOR Kleinmeyer, Willard KOR
Ennis, Edward W. WWII Kreinhop, Paul E. KOR
Evans, Harold M. WWII Lafenhagen, Charles L. WWI
Evans, James F. KOR Lafenhagen, Glen H. KOR
Fehrenbacher, Gerald D. WWII Lauchner, Julian Hawthorne WWII
Fehrenbacher, P. T. WWI Legue, Chester R. WWII
Fiscus, Walter M. WWII Little, Harold J. WWII
Fisher, Kenneth W. WWII Lovingfoss, Fred F. WWI
Fluck, Martin C. KOR Lovingfoss, Robert B. WWII
Franks, David Lyle KOR Lueth, James M. “Mike” VN
Franks, F. Max KOR Lux, Henry WWII
Franks, Joseph R. KOR Mabis, Harvey C. WWII
Franks, Richard M. VN Mast, Clarence N. KOR
Gavel, Nathan S. DS Mast, Paul E. KOR
Godsell, John T. Jr. KOR May, Arthur F. WWI
Godsell, William E. May, Charles F. WWI
Gorman, James F. WWII May, Harold H. WWI
Gorman, Maurice WWII May, William F. WWI
McClennan, Donald F. WWII Plotner, Clarence E. WWII
McCloskey, Lyle D. WWII Plotner, Harold C. WWII
McCloskey, M. L. Jr. WWII Plotner, Paul E. KOR
McCloskey, Roy P. WWII Plotner, Authur F. KOR
McCormick, Thomas P. WWII Proehl, Carl W. WWII
McFall, Raymond C. WWII Proehl, Paul D. WWII
McHenry, Harold E. WWII Rahn, Dale L. VN
McKeon, Roger T. KOR Rash, Timothy B.
McKinney, Charges C. WWII Ray, David R. WWII
McMahon, Thomas WWII Ray, Franklin J. WWII
McMahon, Thomas W. KOR Ray, Joseph W. WWII
Meharry, George F. WWII Reed, Ralph J. WWI
Meharry, Jesse D. WWII Rennels, Donald E. VN
Meharry, John F. WWII Rennels, Robert W. VN
Melohn, Donald F. WWII Reynar, Carmen WWII
Melohn, Henry J. WWI Rice, Nathan L. WWI
Melton, Leo VanBuren VN, KOR Rice, Richard T. KOR
Miller, Roy D. WWII Rice Robert B. KOR
Miller, Donald G. WWII Riggs, Emil G. WWII
Miller, Earl V. WWII Ring, Paul E. WWII
Miller, Robert J. KOR Ring, Vernon E. WWII
Miller, Robert J. WWI Roberts, Cloyde N., Jr. KOR
Miner, Thomas D. WWII Rubenacher, Paul L. WWII
Mitchell, Francis E. WWII Rubenacher, Robert G. WWII
Mitchell, John Jr. WWII Rubenacher, William T. WWII
Mitsdarfer, Edmund F. KOR Rusher, Donald KOR
Moenkhaus, Herbert WWII Rusher, Robert D. KOR
Mooney, John D. WWII Grenda, Robert T.
Mooney, Mark M. WWII Johnson-Jacobsen, Jessica L. OEF
Moore, Wm. C. WWII Norton, Jason D. DS
Mumm, Howard E. WWII Sandwell, Richard E. WWII
Olson, Mervyn Lee KOR Sandwell, Walter J. WWII
O’Neill, Albert J. WWII Schlorff,, Wilbur R. WWII
O’Neill Dennis VN Schmidt, Donald E. KOR
O’Neill, Edmund V. WWII Schotz, Gerald M.
O’Neill, John D. KOR Schumacher, John C. KOR
O’Neill, Raymond WWII Sexton, Ron R. KOR
O’Neill, Wm. C. WWII Shafer, Charles A. WWII
Ordel, Fred E. WWII Shirley, Howard J. WWI
Ordel, Harold F. WWII Silver, Duane W. KOR
Mantell, Susan K. OEF Silver, E. Wallace WWI
Moore, Lee E. Silver, Frank W. KOR
Mumm, Howard H. WWII Silver, John D. WWII
Perry, Delbert E., Sr. WWII
d Silver, Robert J. KOR
Rash, Virgil P. KOR Silver, Walter F. KOR
Reed, Dan E. VN Simmer, Roscoe L. KOR
Patterson, John F. WWII Smalley, Leroy E. WWII
Patterson, Robert C. WWII Smith, Delbert W. WWII
Penman, Augusta WWI Smith, Gerald O. WWII
Penny, Vernon R. WWI Wilson, Harold M. WWII
Peters, Arthur W. WWII Wilson, Henry H. WWII
Peters, Elmer R. WWII Wilson, James A. WWII
Phelps, James K. WWII Wilson, William WWI
Phelps, Wayne KOR Wingfield, Raymond O. WWII
Smith, James F. WWII Witt, Richard A. VN
Smith, John C. WWI Woodworth, Lawrence D. WWII
Smith, Lowell J. WWII Woolsey, Estel Carl WWII
Smith, Lowell W. WWI Wubben, Kenneth E. VN
Smith, Russell E. VN Gorman, Martin KOR
Smith, Wilbert W. WWII Rubenacher, James J. WWII
Stearns, Richard W. WWII Foltz, Delbert J. WWII
Stewart, Charles R. WWI
*Stone, Harold A. VN
Storm, William F. VN
Tarrant, Ray WWI
Tatman, James C. WWII
Taylor, Robert E. KOR
Terven, Dale E. WWII
Thinnes, Charles J. WWII
Thinnes, Mary Florence WWII
Thomas, Harold H., Jr. VN
Sollers, Charles E. WWII, KOR
Wetmore, Kenneth R. KOR
Thomas, Harold Hunt Sr. WWII
Towner, Cecil F. WWII
Traxler, Carol J. VN
Trost, Herbert WWI
Trost, Herbert J. WWII
Trost, Howard WWI
Trowbridge, Milton F. WWII
Vermillion, Joe B. KOR
Walker, David VN
Walker, Kyle D. OIF
*Wall, Wilbert WWII
Warfel, Fred E. WWII
Warren, Homer F. WWII
Warren, John Franklin VN
Werts, Fred D. WWII
Werts, Howard P. KOR
Westendorf, Phillip WWI
White, Noble F. WWII
*Whitt, James E. VN, MIA
Wicklund, Romayne C. KOR
Williams, Kenneth KOR
Williams, Martin F. WWII
Wilson, Arthur M. WWI
Wilson, Carl E. WWII
Wilson, Fred P. WWII

Pawcatuck and Westerly, Rhode Island Honor Rolls

These photographs and transcriptions were sent to me by Lawrence Hunter of Connecticut.  He said: "The Towns of Westerly, Rhode Island and Pawcatuck, CT have a joint Veterans memorial to honor those who lost their lives doing WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The memorial is located on the Westerly, RI side of the bridge that connects the two towns via Rte 1. The memorial is in Chronological order of their deaths and does not identify which town they are from."

World War II
Greenwood, James
Berger, Howard C.
Weall, Carlton Jr
Sinclair, Arthur
Lipinski, Stanley
Sullivan, Harold F.
Guarino, James
Amancio, Manuel Jr
Matos, Marion F.
Nowakowski, John Jr
McIninch, Bernard I.
Unkuri, Richard M.
Strafach, Natale N.
Christina, Rosario M.
Martin, Joseph L.
Turano, George A.
Sanschagrin, Nelson, G.
Chinigo, James R.
Ferguson, Charles W.
Johnson, George A.
Howard, Harold G.
MacKenzie, James S.
Doherty, James A.
Fitzpatrick, John H. Jr
Latham, Walter
Ledward, William Jr
Mast, Ewald A.
Thompson, Allan L.
Fortin, Joseph O.
Coyle, Edward F. Jr
Dion, John W.
Harman, Charles Jr
LoPriore, James R.
Grills, John E.
Boumenot, John E.
Long, Henry J.
O`Neil, Robert E.
Greene, Rodman T.
Parry, Edward
Donohue, Richard F.
Collins, George D.
Payne, Donald F.
Tate, Frank C.
Shea, Francis C.
Shea, Gerald A.
Falcone, Anthony L.
Falcone, Natale E.
Mochetti, Lido R.
Castagna, Louis E.
Vocatura, Peter P.
Emilio, James V.
Panciera, Louis Jr
Culotta, Dominic P.
O`Neil, Grant P.
Cappuccio, Pasquale
Aldrich, Frank

Korean Conflict:
Robinson, Donald W.
Choquette, Arthur G Jr
Barr, J. Lindsey
Gaccione, Louis R.
Chase, Howard F. Jr
Harkness, Harry E.

Vietnam Conflict:
Myllymaki, Carl W. III
Gallagher, William J. Jr
James, Edward A.
LaBrecque, William F.
Miller, Robert T.
Wright, Herman W. O. Jr
Jalbert, David
Nigrelli, Thomas L.
Richard, S. Desillier

Weathervane Wednesday ~ A Teeny Tiny Weathervane

This tiny weathervane measures about three inches across...

This weathervane isn't on a historic building or even outdoors!  It is located on the dollhouse I built in the 1970s as a teenaged girl.  Just recently I installed this cupola and running horse weathervane.  I thought it was appropriate for my little farmhouse style dollhouse.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Weathervane Wednesday ~  A Teeny Tiny Weathervane", Nutfield Genealogy, posted November 13, 2019, ( accessed [access date]).

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

New Archaeological Finds at Plymouth, Massachusetts

Dr. David B. Landon of the Fiske Center for Archaeological Research at the University of Massachusetts Boston leads the Archaeological Field School in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  For eight summers this project has excavated around downtown Plymouth and Burial Hill for evidence of the early Plymouth settlement.  They have uncovered structural remains dating from the early 17th century that appear to be part of the early Plymouth Colony.

At a presentation to the Chairman's Society of Plimoth Plantation last month we heard more about this exciting excavation, and saw evidence of both Wampanoag and English settlement, as well as the first evidence of post holes for a palisade wall around the edge of Burial Hill.  This was very interesting, as well as captivating to the whole audience.  He also described artifacts of interest including pottery from Europe, as well as Wampanoag pottery.

These digs have shown that the Pilgrim settlement along Leyden Street, Market Square, and Burial Hill are exactly where historians have described them as being located.  They also show the inter-dependence between the native Wampanoag and English settlers.

A guided tour by Dr. David Landon was held on Saturday, October 5th of Burial Hill and the archaeological dig areas. There was an event at Plimoth Plantation on October 17, part of the Lunch & Learn series, where the latest results of the seventh year of archaeological research were presented to the public.  On Wednesday October 30th Dr. Landon also spoke at Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth on "The Plymouth Colony House on Burial Hill: New Evidence from the 2019 Excavations".  He also spoke at the Plymouth Public Library on Tuesday, November 10th, and at Assumption College in Worcester on November 12th.

Keep your eyes peeled for more talks and presentations on these exciting discoveries!

For the truly curious:

UMass Boston Archaeologists Unearth Evidence of Pilgrim Settlement, November 4, 2019, Plymouth Wicked Local 

Dr. Landon at YouTube with a video "Plymouth Colony Archaeology Survey - 2019 Update" 


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "New Archaeological Finds at Plymouth, Massachusetts", Nutfield Genealogy, posted November 12, 2019, ( accessed [access date]).

Monday, November 11, 2019

Honor Roll Project Contributions for Veterans Day 2019

American Legion Post, Rockport, Massachusetts
This Veterans Day we have collected names and photos from three countries and six states.  The names from these honor rolls are from almost a dozen volunteer contributors.

The Honor Roll project collects transcriptions of the names of the veterans on military honor rolls seen in parks, schools, public buildings, books and other places all over the USA and abroad.  You can read the complete list at this link:

Twice a year, for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, genealogy bloggers photograph and transcribe these honor rolls, and publish them on the internet.   The act of transcribing these names makes them available to be found by search engines such as Google, Mocavo and others.  Family members searching for genealogical or military information on relatives, ancestors or friends will be able to see the honor rolls, read the names, and learn about their family’s military history.

It is a simple, easy project.  However, it brings unexpected joy to searchers who did not know their ancestors were in the military, or did not know the specific military history, or sometimes they did not even know the town where their ancestors lived.  Seeing their family member’s name on an honor roll can be the beginning of finding more genealogy data, military records and historical information.

Here are this year’s contributions from the USA and Canada:


Gaylordsville, WWII by Marian B. Wood


Longview, Champaign County, Illinois, WWI, WWII by Deanna Reinhard   

Philo, Champaign County, Illinois, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, by Deanna Reinhard 


Rockport American Legion Peterson Post, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Persian Gulf,  by Heather Rojo

New York

Bethpage, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, by Anna Matthews

Floral Park, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam by Anna Matthews

North East by Lebanon, Granada, Beirut, Persian Gulf, Marian B. Wood

Richmond Hill, WWI, by Anna Matthews


Asotin County Memorial Bridge, WW1, by Amanda Pape   


North Hatley, Quebec, WWI, WWII, Korea, by Anna Matthews   

United Kingdom

Manchester, England, WWI by Marian Burk Wood  

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Longview, Illinois for the Honor Roll Project

This veterans memorial was photographed and transcribed by Deanna Reinhart of Villa Grove, Illinois at the tiny village of Longview (population 200) in Raymond Township, Champaign County, Illinois. 

This honor roll was a contribution to the Honor Roll Project:

The Honor Roll Project website: 

1917  World War One  1918
Geo. H. Cook                                      J. T. Wegeng                                        Charles Klienmeyer
*Howard Schumway                          Clarence Martinie                                Mason W. Robertson
Edward H. Nohren                              Robert L. Mower                                Harry H. Jarman
J.H. McIntyre                                      Adolph Bretz                                       Albert Kaufman
L.W. Schweineke                                Merle J. Crane                         James Katterhenry
Maurice L. McDermott                       Sanford B. Duncan                             Dale D. Mumaw        
Manford Chandler                               Leonard D. Duncan                            Jordan S. Murray                   
Claude D. Kellams                              Dr. Ross Elvidge                                 Bernard Mooney
Ralph O. Thompson                            James A. Hart                                      Roy H. Boyd
Paul E. Fonner                        Louis A. Kincannon
Lert V. Thompson                               Charles E. Miller
J. Everett Akers                                   Wm. E. Ringo
Fred J. Wienke                                    John C. Virden
Andrew M. Bosch                               Oscar R. Consoer
Elmer C. Bergfield                              Harley Hooker
Vernie J. Mavity                                  Jerry Gorman
Riley E. Smith                         Sam Fields
B. Hawk Adkins                                  Wm. Everett Green
John W. Bush                                      George Hurst
Wilford Shumway                               Glen J. Jordan
Pearl O. Fogerson                               Ollie McClure
Earl M. Young                                     Joseph S. Chambers

1941  World War Two  1945
Roy R. Cochran                                  Paul Hopkins                           Joseph Logan 
Howard W. Koerner                            Alaric H. Heidorn                   Ancil M. Fonner
Paul E. McQueen                                Robert E. Parks                       Edwin Miller
Kenneth A. Wade                                Tracy L. Skinner                     Donald C. Fields
E. Donald Duncan                              Howard E. Eckerty                  Edwin Gwinn
David Rodger                                      Max Culton                             James W. Jones
*Everett N. Dietrich                            Max R. David                         Josiah S. Davis
Lawrence A. Wingle                           Dean G. Fulton                        John Pollock
Perry M. Todd                                     Dale H. Fulton            Forrest E. Hood
 Leo V. Bauer                                      Paul W. Boyd                          Bernard Kincannon
J. Maurice Gorman                             H. Wayne Warnes                    Claire B. Noblitt
George A. Wilson                                Wilbur F. Toppe                      Rosslyn H. Elvidge
Paul E. Todd                                       Robert D. Allen                       Elza C. Bauer
Clyde Collins                                      Merle J. Fields             Howard G. Dyar
Charles F. Boyd                                  Cecil R. Bauer            Veras D. Turner
Leo L. Heidorn                                   Horace E. Fansler                    Ray Livesay
Marion D. Wilson                                Ancil L. Eastin                        Bobby W. Toppe
George T. Senter                                 Forrest W. Martinie                 Wayne B. Gaines       
Cordell Hix                                         Leo Heidorn, Jr.                      Adolph A. Brooks
David L. Freeman                               Billy Downie                          Donald D. Hopkins
Harold A. Schwartz                             M. Ross Duncan                     Oliver M. Eddy
Charles J. Wheatley                            Carl W. Ringo                         James K. Phelps
James B. Allen                                    Ralph Anderson                      Eugene J. Hopkins
George L. Apgar                                 James W. Dilworth                  Elsie Louise Wilson
Arthur Schumacher                             Ralph Butler                            Harold D. Wheatley
Lowell H. Chandler                            Kenneth G. Charlton               Lowell F. Rahn
Edward J. Bosch Jr.                             Willie S. Fonner                      Eugene E. Sullivan
Edward W. Schumacher                      Russell G. Helm                      Gretchen Y. Sullivan
Glen L. Williams                                 Russell E. Partenheimer          Wesley E. Schulthes
Fred H. Chandler                                Gernon F. Hooker                   Arthur McCarty
Bernard P. Brewer                               Joseph H. Chambers               George A. Bosch
Charles A. Allen                                  Robert J. Norman                    Hobart Ray
Archibald F. Allen                               Robert G. Dyar                       Paul M. Hood
Joseph H. Job                                      Wayne E. Nohren                    Ralph E. Hedrick
Howard O. Baptist                              Maurice G. Keefe                   Theodore A. Ringo
Roy E. Bauer                                       Charles F. Martinie                  Howard F. Mohr
Paul E. Hooker                                    Eugene F. Dowden
Charles K. Arwine                              Joseph G. Wilson
James J. Warnes                                  Clarence R. McQueen
Paul D. Wright                                    Rev. Ralph Martin
Harold E. Fonner                                Rev. Dwight McQueen
John M. Davis                                     *Orville Anderson
John J. Seltzer                                     Mark A. Twigg
John G. Hales                                      Willie O. Gillenwater
Jesse V. Todd                                      Glen E. Carleton
Rev. James Ferris                                Bobby Dean Hopkins
Charles M. Hood                                E.C. Churchill, Jr.
Harry E. Nohren                                 Paul J. Madigan         

Honor Roll at the American Legion Edward Peterson Post in Rockport, Massachusetts

This is the biggest roster of names I have ever transcribed for an Honor Roll Project blog post.  This Honor Roll has over 1400 names!  For more information on this project please see this link:

This honor roll of names is located in front of the American Legion Edward Peterson Post at 32 Beach Street in Rockport, Massachusetts.  This American Legion post was founded in 1920, and the building where it is located was the former Beach Street School, built in the mid 1860s.  It became the Legion Hall on 7 July 1930.

The names on this honor roll cover World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, Persian Gulf and other conflicts.  They are also broken into groups such as Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, and Unknown Branches of the Service.  There are an unusually large number of Coast Guard names on this list, especially for World War I and II.  If you are searching for specific names, please make sure you scroll through all the branches of service and for all the conflicts.

I previously posted about this Legion hall at this link:

American Legion Edward Peterson Post
Rockport, Massachusetts

World War I


Anderson, Clifford L.
Anderson, Ivar A.
Anderson, Walter E.
Andrews, Joseph C.
Babson, David F.
Barr, Chester W.
Barton, Frank E., Jr.
Borgstrom, John H.
Bray, Milton L.
Brown, Charles E.
Brown, Fred P.
Bruke, George M.
Bryon, James E. *
Butman, Carl A.
Campbell, Martin A.
Carlson, Harry G.
Carlson, John A. *
Colburn, Stanley
Colcord, Gregory B.
Contrino, Anthony
Cooney, Loring G.
Crowe, Arthur S.
Cunningham, Warfield H.
Currier, Guy C.
Day, John T.
Dennis, Henry E.
Dunahue, David J.
Dutton, Alfred T.
Dutton, Dwight P. *
Emanouel, Charles
Everett, Edward R. *
Everett, Gilbert F.
Fears, William
Ferro, Anthony
Floyd, Harry J.
Francis, Joseph A.
Frithsen, Arthur C.
Full, Henry P.
Gray, Arthur L.
Gray, Donald G.
Griece, Salvatore
Griffin, Albert H.
Griffin, Howard O.
Grover, Harold T.
Gustafson, Carl G.
Gustafson, Fred A.
Harris, Leslie L.
Hendrickson, John
Higgins, Cornelius F.
Higgins, Garrett J.
Giffins, Thomas A.
Hooper, Graham
Jelmberg, Edward J.
Johnson, Albert C.
Johnson, George W.
Johnson, John W.
Jones, Richard H.
Knowlton, Herman S.
Knowlton, Norman S.
Lane, Harry H.
Lane, John A.
Lewis, Charles S.
Lewis, Raymond E.
Lilja, Andrew
Longley, James W.
Main, Warren J.
Makinen, Arvo N.
Makinen, John I.
Marston, Stephen D.
Mills, Ernest E.
Mills, J. Harry
Murray, Robert L.
Nelson, Bernard
Nelson, William E.
Nightingale, Galen W.
Nolf, Roland C.
Nordstrand, Axel, L.
Orne, Homer G.
Palmer, Raymond P.
Paradis, Frank I.
Paradis, John B.
Parady, Arthur J.
Parker, Richard D.
Perkins, Guy S.
Peterson, Edward *
Peterson, Nester T.
Pierce, Frederick C.
Ploufe, Edmund
Poole, Isaac K.
Poole, John J.
Poole, Lewis R.
Poole, William M.
Ranta, Hjalmar J.
Rapp, Carl H
Rapp, John R.
Ratti, John G.
Reed, Edward W.
Reilly, George J.
Reilly, James G.
Reilly, William J. Jr
Roffey, Leonard S.
Rogers, Arthur F.
Samuelson, John W.
Samuelson, Victor L.
Sears, George A.
Sheahan, George T.
Smith, E. Mortin
Spates, Harold E.
Speck, Reinard S.
Stanwood, Daniel B.
Stein, August F.
Stevens, Arthur E.
Stevens, W. Lester
Stolpe, Carl A.
Stone, Arthur C.
Story, Austin W.
Swanson, Conrad F.
Swanson, Fritz R.
Tarr, C. Homer
Tarr, Marshall A.
Tarr, Paul R.
Tarr, W. Bernard
Thorngren, Henry B.
Thurston, William C.
Trafton, Albert
Tuttle, Arthur L.
Upham, Edgar C.
Waddell, Brainard E.
Waddell, E. Chester
Waddell, Oscar L.
Warren, John T.
White, Joseph M.
Wicky, John
Wilkinson, Everett R.
Wilson, Edwin B.
Wilson, Ralph R.
Wood, James Jr.


Anderson, Carl E.
Anderson, Elmer A.
Anderson, John
Anderson, Reynold C.
Babson, Edward
Barr, Helen P.
Bennett, Edward J.
Bissett, Robert A.
Carlson, George W.
Carlson, Henry E.
Carlson, Philip V.
Charte, Howard
Charte, Vincent J.
Colley, William E.
Cushman, Austin D.
Cushman, Cassisus E., Jr.
Eaton, Robert L.
Enos, George
Enos, William A.
Fears, Harrison B.
Fuller, Edward A.
Gee, Dayton R.
Gosson, Everett L.
Gott, Roger T.
Grier, William A.
Grover, A. Pierce
Gustafson, Harvey V.
Harris, Franklin W.
Harris, James J.
Humalamaki, George N.
Humalamaki, John E.
Jelmberg, John E.
Johnson, Iver H.
Knowlton, Edward L.
Knowlton, Everett L.
Laananen, William D.
Lane, Russell H.
Lapinoja, Waino I.
Lowe, Robert M.
Niemi, W. John
Peterson, Altti
Pratt, Charles L.
Rich, Herbert R.
Smith, Raymond D.
Snow, Curtis L.
Swanson, Richard D.
Swanson, Richard
Swinson, Arthur E.
Tilson, Everett L.
Tilson, James H.
Walen, Marshall
Willey, Albert W.
Williamson, Otto V.
Wilson, John A.
Wilson, Marion L.
Woodman, Elizabeth M.

Marine Corps

Bray, Paul E.
Dort, Carlton J.
Gaglen, Edward
Hakala, William M.
Oman, Alma J.

Coast Guard

Aubin, Frank E.
Bowman, John W.
Carlson, Carl A.
Erwin, George F.
Gott, Dana M.
Grace, Ernest
Holbrook, Frank E.
Mattson, Anthony
Orr, Maynard D.
Orr, Stephen R.
Wallace, Clifton M.

Branch Unknown

Anderson, Alden C.
Babineau, Louis A.
Canney, Edwin Jr.
Carlson, John W.
Carlson, Theresa H.R.N.
Currie, George B.
Cushman, George W.
Deltorchio, John A. C.
Dobson, Benjamin
Full, John H.
Fuller, Lawrence M.
Gott, Arhtur H.
Gustafson, George E.
Hakala, Toivo M.
Hanson, Sylvester M.
Johnson, Carl B.
Johnson, John M.
King, Pearl
Larson, Valdemar L.
Larson, William
Leman, Albert N.
McKay, Ralph R. A. S.
Miller, Robert G.
Moody, G. Adolph
Nelson, John A.
Norton, Maurice A.
O’Hearn, Joseph
Oakes, Fred
Philbrook, David N. Jr.
Poole, Edwin F.
Rowe, Edward A.
Sampson, Victor I.
Strandal, Philip C.
Taylor, Oscar A.
Tuomi, Kaino

World War II


Allen, E. Cheston
Allen, Edgar F.
Allen, Elmer C.
Allen, Robert F.
Anderson, Walter H.
Adrews, Henry Jr.
Andrews, Joseph K.
Babcock, Donald M.
Balzarini, Gino
Balzarini, John C.
Balzarini, Lino
Balzarini, Louis
Bannon, Carl E.
Barletta, Pasquale
Barrett, Robert
Bartlett, Robert L.
Beloff, Richard H.
Bennett, Frank A.
Bernard, Arthur W.
Bertrand, Leo E.
Bloomberg, John H.
Borgstrom, John H.
Brackett, Arthur T.
Bratesman, Stuart
Bray, Edwin P.
Bray, John A.
Brown, Fred P.
Brown, John T.
Bruni, Alfred L. *
Bruni, Helen E.
Bryant, Edward M.
Buckley, John D.
Brubank, John J.
Caffrey, Dennis E.
Caffrey, George W.
Cameron, Robert V. Sr.
Cantlett, Franklin
Cardoza, Anthony S.
Carter, William A.
Casey, Edward J.
Casey, William
Casey, William H.
Chaplin, Leon V.
Chaplin, Thomas S.
Cheney, Warren A.
Church, Harriett
Collins, Natt L.
Colson, Charles
Conley, Miriam B.
Cooney, Anthony
Cooney, Harold J.
Cooney, Stuart M. Jr.
Cooper, Albert W.
Costa, Robert C.
Dailey, Arthur W.
Dorman, John W.
Doyle, Phillip V.
Eaton, Osborn T. Jr.
Eaton, William A.
Elso, Albinus
Elso, Robert
Erickson, Arline M.
Erickson, Raymond O.
Erwin, Leo Jr.
Evans, John Jr.
Evans, Robert T.
Fears, Richard M.
Floyd, Harry
Foley, Maurice F.
Francis, Arthur J. Jr.
Francis, Charles C.
Francis, Franklin S.
Frithsen, Arthur R.
Frithsen, Harold L.
Frithsen, Norman A.
George, Earl W.
Gerrard, Everett A.
Goodspeed, Francis E.
Gould, Donald J.
Gray, Harry E.
Gray, Roy E.
Green, George F.
Green, Harold L.
Grimes, Calvin C.
Grover, Frederick R.
Guthrie, C. Earl
Hakala, E. Oscar
Hale, Walter S.
Hall, Robert M.
Hanson, John H.
Harding, Harold
Hardy, Ralph H.
Haskell, Francis E.
Hatch, Ralph O.
Hautala, Arne J. *
Heath, Marion L.
Helsberg, Reino V.
Helsberg, Uno S.
Henderson, Samuel G. Jr.
Hendrickson, Arthur W.
Hendrickson, Elliott N.
Hershey, Samuel F.
Hervi, William M.
Hill, John A.
Hilliard, George T.
Hillier, Pingree F.
Holland, Ester L.
Holland, James
Hooper, John R.
Hull, Benjamin Jr.
Humlin, Edwin J.
Hyry, Ralph
Jackson, Reginald
Jeppson, John H.
Johnson, Alfred A.
Johnson, Arthur L. *
Johnson, Carl A.
Johnson, Carl G.
Johnson, John
Johnson, Julius R.
Johnson, Leo A.
Johnson, Robert A.
Johnson, Toivo A.
Johnson, W. Harold
Jolikko, Elna E.
Jones, Bernard C.
Jordan, Annie E.
Jylkka, Edward W.
Jylkka, William J.
Kantala, Leon W. *
Karcher, Robert E. Jr.
Kendall, Milton
Knowlton, David H.
Kulju, Karl O.
Kulju, Tauno E.
Lachman, Russell A.
Lahtinen, Nestor O.
Lake, Carroll A.
Lamb, John L.
Lane, Dana C. Jr.
Lane, John E.
Lattof, Joseph
Laudarowicz, Alexander C.
Lesch, Gene C.
Lewis, Gasper J.
Lizottte, James E.
Lord, Alfred E.
Lundberg, Nancy M.
Mac’Collum, Roland
MacKay, Eino
Makkonen, Reino T.
Manson, Richard K.
Marshall, John P.
Marston, Gerald M.
Martin, Llewellyn C.
Martin, William D.
Mattson, William R.
Mayo, Conrad R.
Mayo, Harold D.
McCarthy, Lawrence M.
McCoubrey, David A.
McEachern, Donald F. *
McGady, Wilma L.
McNamara, Fred
Miller, Joseph H.
Mills, George C. *
Morgan, Constance S.
Morse, John R.
Nelson, Charles H.
Newman, Grant T.
Nickerson, Helen B.
Nielsen, Niels A.
Niemi, Ernest A.
Niemi, Lauri
Niemi, Matthew I.
Norton, Richard J.
Norwood, Earl L.
Norwood, Lewis F. Jr.
O’Connell, Harld R.
O’Connor, Gerald B., Jr.
O’Hearn, Joseph R.
Oakes, Everett B.
Oliver, Leon J.
Orne, Curtis L.
Osborn, Abraham
Otto, Robert W.
Oxton, Theodore A.
Paradis, Frank T.
Parady, George L.
Parady, Roger
Parker, Marion
Pascucci, John A.
Peabody, Harold L.
Peterson, Emily D.
Peterson, Uno A.
Peterson, Waino
Peura, Albanus
Philbrook, Mortimer
Pierce, Hosea
Pierce, John B.
Piper, Phillips N.
Pohas, George J.
Polack, Louis I.
Pollani, Mario
Pommet, Paul J.
Pool, Ralph M.
Poole, Charles E.
Poole, Dwight D. Jr.
Poole, Ernest R. Jr.
Poole, Ricard H.
Poole, Walter E.
Powers, George H.
Pratt, Donald
Quinn, Raymond J.
Quinn Robert J.
Rantill, George E.
Rapp, John R. Jr.
Rapp, Robert H.
Reed, Isabel E.
Reday, Ladislaw
Ready, Zolton
Reddy, Allan F.
Reddy, Paul T. Jr.
Reily, Francis R.
Rich, Albert F.
Rich, Walter G.
Robinson, Albert G.
Roffey, Carleton P.
Foffey, Robert C.
Rowe, Glenn M. *
Rowe, Warren E.
Ruggles, George F. Jr.
Ryan, Cornelius F.
Salo, Arhtur N.
Salo, Elmer O.
Salo, Wilho E.
Sanborn, Earl E. Jr.
Savinen, Jorma
Sears, Charles W. *
Sears. Joseph S. Jr.
Selig, Arnold D.
Selig, Dean K. *
Sheahan, Robert E.
Sheehan, William
Sieg, John C.
Silva, Chester N.
Silva, John F.
Silva, Leroy Sr.
Smith, Robert G.
Smith, Virginia S.
Soini, Waino, J.
Somers, Marion E.
Somers, Thomas D.
Somers, Williams C.
Speck, Francis W.
Speck, Ralph M.
Speck, Robert S.
Spiewak, Charles R.
Springer, John T.
Stone, John E.
Stuart, Edward Jr.
Suutari, Everett
Swanson, Andrew C.
Swanson, Harold F.
Sweet, Home M.
Tarvis, Albert K
Tarvis, Gardner R.
Thibeault, Eugene C.
Thibeault, Leola E.
Tilli, Waino
Torrisi, Anthony
Toumy, Kaino I.
Travers, Gilbert
Trott, Robert A.
Tuck, Albert E. Jr.
Unis, Earl
Wallace, Harold C.
Wallace, Leon C.
Wallace, Lester A. Jr.
Wayrynen, Walter
Wetherup, John D.
Wendall, George R.
Wheeler, Harry E.
White, Alice M.
Wilcox, Robert O.
Witham, George B Jr.
Witham, Raymond W.
Wonson, Everett P.
Wood, William G.
Woodbury, Benton R.
Woodward, Stanley
York, Leighton H.


Ahonen, Robert M.
Allen, Charles W.
Anderson, John A. Jr.
Anderson, Robert G.
Andrews, Robert W.
Aspesi, Charles A.
Aspesi, Louis
Aspesi, Peter F.
Aspesi, Robert P.
Baker, J. Wain
Balzarini, John J.
Bernard, Robert A.
Bernard, Roger P.
Bissett, Joseph W.
Bissett, Robert
Blatchford, Alfred C.
Blatchford, Arthur C.
Blatchford, George A.
Bottomley, George S.
Bradley, Norman T.
Bradley, Phillips H.
Brewer, Bernard F. Jr.
Brewer, Francis P.
Broadley, Frank M.
Brown, Myron W.
Bruni, Francis A.
Bruno, Charles F. Jr.
Cahill, John R. Jr.
Calder, William E. III
Call, John I
Call, William R.
Cameron, David
Carle, Dorothy P.
Carlson, Eino
Carlson, Uno J.
Carter, George R.
Carter, Herbert P.
Carter, Walter R.
Charte, Henry W.
Chick, John E.
Colburn, Stanley
Cooney, Elizabeth
Cook, Donald T.
Curtis, Leslie P.
Davis, Frederic L.
Decker, Andrew J. Jr.
Decker, Arnold F.
Dickman, Carl J.
Doyle, Richard H.
Drohan, Donald J.
Drolet, Emery L
Easton, John R.
Elwell, Herbert L.
Elwell, Roy
Erickson, Robert T.
Erwin, George F.
Erwin, Robert
Estabrooke, LeBaron M.
Fears, Charles C.
Fears, George R.
Fears, Harrison B. Jr.
Ferazzi, Charles L.
Flanagan, Leonard J.
Fritz, James R.
Frost, Donald B.
Garrett, Gardner J.
Gay, Clarence G.
Golladay, Elmer C.
Goss, Frederick H.
Gray, Floyd E.
Gray, Frank W.
Grier, William J.
Hale, Harold C.
Hale, William A.
Hall, Robert D.
Hall, Robert G.
Hautala, Matt A.
Haynes, Frederick E.
Head, Herbert F.
Hendsbee, Albred C.
Hervi, Arthur J.
Hill, Leo J.
Hill, Robert D.
Hill, Robert G.
Hillier, Pearson T.
Hickley, Waldo D.
Hobbs, Fred
Hobbs, Lester E.
Holgerson, O. Albin
Holland, George H. Jr.
Hooper, N. Abbott
Horgan, Martin J.
Huttunen, John E.
Isinger, Arthur
Johnson, Herbert L.
Johnson, Reino O.
Jones, Prescott
Jordan, Charles S.
Joseph, George A. Jr
Kendall, Walter J.
King, Anthony J. Jr.
Knoight, Joseph H.
Knight, Ralph H.
Kolari, Kaino J.
Lamb, William
Lane, Arthur W.
Lane, David J.
Larson, Paul
Latham, Fred C.
Lettman, Joseph A.
Mackey, Charles
Mahoney, John E.
Main, John E.
Manninen, George H.
Marr, Ralph A. Jr.
Mattson, Robert A.
McEachern, Frank Jr.
McKie, Elizabeth
McLellan, John K.
McPherson, James M.
Murch, R. Lawson
Neal, Arthur F.
Nelson, Herman J.
Nichols, Edward Jr.
Niemi, Ernest
O’Hara, John F.
Olson, Lester F.
Olson, Melvin A.
Olson, Warren E.
Paradis, John B. III
Paradis, Joseph A. Jr.
Paradis, Robert E.
Parker, George L.
Parsons, Ernest C.
Pascucci, Anthony J. *
Patrinelis, Charles S.
Pedone, Catherine M.
Perkins, Phyllis M.
Perry, Arthur I.
Peterson, Theodore
Pierce, Charles W.
Pittee, Charles P.
Poirier, Jean B.
Poirier, Joseph E.
Poole, John
Pratt, Donald R.
Pratt, Harold R.
Presnal, William B.
Pushee, Albert
Quinn, Thomas E.
Ranta, Henry J.
Ranta, William E.
Reddy, Robert
Reed, Donald S.
Reed, John F.
Robinson, Harold L.
Roewer, Edward
Rogers, William F.
Rowe, Donald G.
Ryan, Charles T.
Sargent, Paul F.
Saville, Harmond F.
Selig, Freeman J.
Selig, Llewellyn
Sherburne, Gordon R.
Sherburne, Richard A.
Shewbridge, Henry C.
Silva, Robert E.
Silvonen, Walter J.
Smith, Roger H.
Smurrage, Fredrick L.
Soini, George M.
Speck, Reinhard S. Jr.
Spillman, John W.
Stanwood, Daniel D.
Stanwood, Thomas F.
Stockly, Louise T.
Story, Benton C.
Strople, Donald E.
Suutari, Helvi
Svenson, Charles J.
Swanson, Carl P.
Sawanson, Howard B.
Swanson, Richard
Swanson, Robert W.
Tarr, John G.
Tarvis, William H.
Tighe, James M.
Trafton, Willard C.
Waddell, Brainard C.
Waddell, David M.
Walker, Brewster K.
Watters, Theodore C.
White, John R.
Wicky, John F.
Wijtanen, Victor E.
Williamson, Charles G.
Williamson, Otto V.
Wood, Franklin L.
Woodbury, George
Worden, Howard B.
Worthington, Robert
Wright, Albert C.

Marine Corps

Anderson, Elliot T.
Burbank, Richard S.
Cooper, Charles E. Jr.
Cooper, Clifford J.
Eaton, Roger L.
Frisbee, Robert S.
Gray, John H.
Grover, Ivan K. Jr.
Harris, Richard F.
Hodgkins, Charles
Houle, Arthur L.
Jakslund, Siggurd N.
Johnson, Frank W.
Johnson, George A.
Karcher, Robert
Kingshorn, William A. Jr.
Lucas, Ralph G.
Lucas, Ralph G. Jr.
McLane, Merrill F.
Moore, Roy C. Jr.
Norling, Carl E.
Peterson, Alfred E.
Poole, Paige O.
Reed, Edward W.
Reynolds, Pauline E.
Ryan, Richard P.
Steele, David W.
Story, Carlton L.
Swinson, Howard T.
Thurston, Arthur N. Jr.
Wentzell, James A.

Coast Guard

Anderson, E. Locke
Aspesi, Gino
Babcock, John W.
Bean, Merton
Berringer, Clifford H.
Berringer, John H. Jr.
Brown, Kenneth
Burgess, David H.
Camerson, George E. Jr.
Charte, Henry J. Jr.
Charte, Vincent J. **
Charte, Vincent J. Jr.
Costa, George L. **
Crossett, Homer F.
Curtis, Percy L. Jr.
Davis, Richard J.
Day, Robert A.
Erickson, Arthur R.
Flanagan, Joseph B.
Fredricksen, Harry J. F.
Frost, Elliott P.
Goold, James D.
Green, Lawrence E.
Grimes, Manley B.
Hale, Richard C.
Hale, Stanley
Harrington, Charles G.
Harris, James E.
Harris, James G.
Jodrey, H. Lawrence Jr.
Joseph, George A.
Kenish, James H.
King, John E.
Leonard, Henry E.
Makkonen, Nilo J.
Martin, Roger H. Jr.
McKennon, Donald
McLellan, Alice P.
Miller, John R.
Mills, Elearnor
Moulton, James W.
Musser, Thomas W.
Nelson, Otto J.
Niemi, Neil A.
Nordstrand, Alex
O’Reilly, Charles A.
O’Toole, Lawrence
Olson, Arthur L.
Olson, Thor B.
Orr, Maynard
Orr, Stephen R.
Palmaquist, Charles E.
Pattanaude, Herbert
Perry, David C.
Pierce, David
Polloni, Peter
Rapp, Carl
Reynolds, Donald P.
Roche, William F.
Roffey, Elizabeth R.
Rundgren, Waldemar
Runsala, Alfred U.
Santos, Manuel J.
Sirois, John L.
Somers, James A.
Stone, Fred P.
Sullivan, Eugene J.
Theriault, Arthur
Tognazzi, Joseph J.
Wiberg, Eleanor M.
Wiberg, Toivo F.
Wolfe, Harld R.

Merchant Marine

Bailey, F. Newton
Bates, Edward D.
Cameron, William F.
Conigliari, Victor V.
Day, Robert R.
Decosta, Jose P.
Decoste, Leo J.
Elwell, Henry C.
Green, Earl R.
Hakala, William
Hietala, Eric A.
Holmes, Donald
Holmes, Gardner M.
Landergen, Herbert M.
Lane, Andrew
McPhee, Walter
Morong, George D.
Nelson, Henry J.
O’Connell, Edward C.
Parsons, Lambert W.
Phillips, Edward D.
Pierce, Robert N.
Rowell, Bruce T.
Rundgren, Iver
Sears, George A. Jr. *
Steele, Lawrence W.

Branch Unknown

Becktel, Edward E.
Coull, Charles H.
Dow, Kenneth
Erickson, emil
Gustafson, George
Hill, Eward W.
Laanane, Paul
LaBranch, William W.
Penny, James W.
Shipman, Richard
Spencer, Fred P.



Amazeen, Frank K.
Barker, Ralphe E.
Brandt, Frederick H.
Buckley, Donald F.
Burbank, Donald S.
Caffrey, Richard D. Jr.
Cream, Frederick P.
Davis, Stephen F.
Dinsmore, Charles E.
Elwell, Robert K.
Fredricksen, Russell E.
Frithsen, Eugene L.
Gray, Stanley L.
Hady, Emil N. Jr.
Harris, Lawrence L.
Hicks, Walter G. Jr.
Hogan, Wilbur C. III
Jones, Charles C.
Kendall, Milton F.
Knuuttunen, Paul I.
Lagrow, Ann C.
Lane, James E.
Libby, Arthur T.
MacDonald, William D. Jr.
MacKay, Francis J.
MacLean, James A.
Mansfield, Martin J. Jr.
Milne, Robert D.
Morgan, Constance G.
Morin, Donald L.
Murphy, William J.
Neal, Charles S.
Newman, William E.
O’Connor, William E.
O’Hearn, Joseph R.
Orne, Curtis L.
Parady, Theodore C.
Parsons, David I.
Parsons, William H. Jr.
Peterson, Arthur F. O.
Poole, Stanley B.
Quinn, James E.
Quinn, John F.
Reed, John S.
Rundgren, Weldemar
Saulnier, Everett J. Jr.
Scatterday, Robert L.
Sears, Pierce J.
Selig, Earl H.
Sepich, Paul
Smith, Bruce L.
Somppi, Charles I.
Strople, Donald W.
Swanson, Fredrick O.
Tanson, Matthew Jr.
Theriault, Raymond J.
Thurston, Anne C.
Wallace, Robert C.
Whittaker, Walter O.
Wonson, Richard E.


Arnold, David K.
Balestraci, Charles J.
Bazarini, Richard A.
Blatchford, Arthur C.
Brennan, Robert W.
Bruni, Francis A.
Carlston, G. Herbert
Conigliari, Victor V.
Dann, Preston H.
Day, John R.
Dickman, Carl J.
Donovan, Richard V.
Dow, Edward C.
Drolet, Emery L Jr.
Erwin, Robert A.
Fears, George R.
Hawley, Oscar H. Jr.
Hillier, Pearson T.
Hobbs, Lester E.
Horgan, Martin J. Jr.
Johnson, Reino O.
Johnson, Richard A.
Joseph, George A. Jr.
Knowlton, Donald A.
Korpi, George O.
Landergren, Stanley E.
Larson, John A. Jr.
Miller, Joseph L. Jr.
Moulton, Betty M.
Moulton, Leonard A.
Moulton, Patty M.
Norling, Carl E.
Orr, Stephen Jr.
Paradis, Robert E.
Paradis, William B.
Perkins, Roger E.
Pierce, Peter G.
Poirier, Jean B.
Poirier, Joseph E.
Powers, John R.
Reed, John W.
Rynold, Russell E.
Scatterday, David R.
Spillman, John W.
Sweet, Homer M. Jr.
Toneatti, Virgil W.
Torrisi, Anthony E. Jr.
Wondson, Harry C. III

Air Force

Beal, Lloyd T.
Brewer, William M.
Carlson, Charles J.
Cook, William S.
Cooney, Anthony
Dow, Paul C. Jr.
Erwin, James R.
Fears, Bruce C.
Fears, James G. Jr.
Frithsen, Arthur R.
George, Howard S.
Gerrard, Everett A.
Gray, George E.
Hale, Jean C.
Hale Richard C.
Johnson, Stephen R. H.
Kennie, Lorraine L.
Knutsen, Willie
Korpi, John J. Jr.
Leonard, Barbara J.
MacKey, Richard S.
Moginot, Paul J.
Moors, Norman G.
Murch, Edward R.
Nelson, Walter O.
Norton, Richard J.
Patnaude, Ronald C.
Patnaude, Herbert M. Jr.
Rattray, David R.
Salo, Richard W.
Shute, Marjorie
Smith, Donald L.
Smurrage, Geraldine A.
Speck, Francis, W.
Toneatti, Ronald L.
Wayrynen, Robert
Welch, Phillip

Marine Corps

Balzarini, Robert, A.
Coleman, Wesley B.
Cooper, Clifford J.
Cooper, Charles E. Jr.
Cream, George V. Jr.
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, Charles A. Jr.
Karcher, Robert
Keating, Gerard H.
Kinghorn, William A. Jr.
Kleimola, John F.
Leman, Arthur L.
Molloy, Thomas F.
Reilly, John F.
Saville, Leighton T.
Selig, Robert E. Jr.

Coast Guard

Cook, Donald T.
Day, Nathaniel M. C.
Doieg, Gardner J.
Erwin, George F.
Forsebergh, Eric D.
Gosson, Arthur D.
Hale, Richard C.
Knuuttunen, Donald H.
Lane, Charles L. Jr.
Mackey, Andrew F.
Mullen, Leonard
O’Reilly, Charles A.
Olson, Richard C.
Olson, Thor B.
Pearson, Gustave W.
Polloni, Peter
Robinson, Harold L.
Shay, Arthur D. Jr.
Shute, Robert L.
Somers, James A.
Theriault, Joseph L.



Arbell, Stephen D.
Adams, James G.
Ahonen, Robert M. Jr.
Amazeen, Charles D.
Anderson, John H. III
Anderson, Russell C.
Balzarini, James W.
Bernard, Karl R.
Brancalone, P.
Budrow, George B.
Budrow, Ralph T.
Carlson, John S.
Carter, David W.
Cleveland, James H.
Cunningham, John W.
Curran, John J.
Darcy, Richard T. III
Darcy, Thomas A.
Dean, William L. III
DeMeule, C. Stephen
Evans,  Howard E. Jr.
Fisher, Robert
Francis, David C.
Francis, James M. Jr.
Francis, Marion J.
Francis, Richard S.
Fritz, James V.
Frithsen, Arthur R.
Fryklund, Donald L.
Gale, Jan M.
Garrett, Gardner E.
Garrett, Robert P.
Gerrard, Everett A.
Haines, Bruce
Hale, Richard L.
Hayes, Joseph T. Jr.
Hickey, John J. Jr.
Hickey, Robert F.
Hilliard, Michael G.
Hogan, Wilbur C. III
Hosmer, Hammond C. Jr.
Johnson, Cruce F.
Johnson, Martin E.
Ketchopulos, James J.
Kleimola, Wayne
Knowles, Sheldon D.
Lafond, Michael
Landergren, Stanley E. Jr.
Lane, Dana C. III
Leary, Richard M.
Mackey, Robert W. Sr.
Maguire, Francis, L. III
Mangarpan, Joseph L.  III
McNamara, Michael T.
Nangle, Stephen M.
Neilson, John C.
Nelson, Frank C.
Nichols, James P.
O’Maley, Robert C.
Parady, Roger J. Jr.
Parker, Russell C.
Perkins, Spencer W. III
Perry, Donald C.
Peters, Daniel R.
Pine, Bernard N.
Place, Abbott L.
Rapp, Stephen J.
Robertson, James W.
Rowe, William P.
Savinen, Richard
Sears, Pierce J.
Seavey, Paul D.
Sepich, Peter
Silva, John F. Jr.
Silva, Ralph F.
Smith, David H.
Smith, Kenneth W.
Smith, Leo R.
Smith, Raymond G.
Somers, Frank D.
Somppi, Charles I.
Sullivan, Francis J. Jr.
Sullivan, Patrick T.
Sweet, George W.
Taber, Gary F.
Tarr, Fredrick H. III
Thibeault, John P.
VanBlarcom, John
Waddell, James E.
Wallius, James A.
Wentzell, Jon J.
Wilett, Frederick W. Jr.
Wilkie, Kenneth J. Jr.
Williams, David
Williams, Woodbury
Woods, Dana V.


Allen, Charles A.
Alves, Arthur P. Jr.
Amero, John S.
Anderson, David W.
Anderson, Peter L.
Anderson, Robert G.
Armstrong, Michael E.
Blatchford, Arthur C.
Brown, Douglass V.
Buchholzer, John R.
Budrow, Thomas E.
Capillo, Leo Jr.
Carpenter, Wayne T.
Charte, David
Chiancola, Samuel J. Jr.
Cleaves, Charles H.
Conrad, Brian E.
Contrino, Robert C.
Cunningham, George W.
Defort, Mark G.
Dewey, Christopher A.
Drolet, Emery L. Jr.
Eldridge, Charles T.
Erickson, Karen
Erickson, Robert T. Jr.
Fears, George R.
Fritz, David L.
George, Donald R.
Gentile, Joseph J.
Greene, Raymond G.
Henrickson, Alfred C.
Hildonen, Keith A.
Hobbs, George H.
Johnson, Donald D.
Johnson, Gunnar A. R.
Johnson, Richard A.
Jylkka, Everettt W.
Kelley, Bradley J.
Knowlton, James A.
Knowlton, John K.
Komi, Waino T.
Kramer, Steven L.
LeGacy, Betty M.
Lee, Bill J.
Lesch, Roger G.
Murphy, Jeremiah V. Jr.
Olson, Arthur L. Jr.
Parady, Frederick J.
Poirier, Joseph E. Jr.
Powers, John R.
Powers Williams D.
Quinn, Thomas G.
Reilly, William R.
Rich, Walter M.
Rose, Michael
Rowe, Donald G.
Rowe, Glenn M.
Rowell, Bruce T. Jr.
Tyan, Timothy P.
Seppala, Zenas B.
Shields, Arthur P.
Skudlark, Peter
Spiewak, Arnold J.
Stone, George
Strople, Emery R.
Suutari, Peter N.
Swanson, Norman L.
Tarr, John G. Jr.
Thibeault, Michael C.
Walima, George C.
Wayrynen, John Jr.
Wilkie, Lewis J.
Whitaker, Stephen R.
Woodbury, Paul W.

Air Force

Abell, Edward J.
Ahonen, Michael A.
Aspesi, Robert J.
Blake, Bruce
Bradley, Phillips H.
Carpenter, Edward J. Jr.
Casey, Phillip A.
Cooney, Anthony
Cuddyer, Donald W.
DeGagne, Joseph A. III
Dolloff, Donald B.
Fine, David E.
Fisher, William E.
Francis, John C.
Fredriksen, Clifford B.
Gerrard, Everett A.
Harris, David R.
Holgerson, John A.
Jackson, Gary K.
Korpi, John J. Jr.
Kramer, Ronald D.
Lattof, Joseph
Livingston, Thomas J.
Mattson, Ado Jr.
Muise, Patricia A.
Newman, Grant W.
Olson, Richard T.
Peterson, Lucinda F.
Reilly, Bonnie
Rowell, Frank W.
Seavy, Charles C.
Sheahan, Robert E. Jr.
Smith, Donald E.
Smith, Jay F.
Spittle, Donald E. Jr.
Story, Nels
Tupper, Donald I.
Tupper, Joyce F.
Walima, William W.
Watters, Terry E.
Wayrynen, Everett C.
Wayrynen, Robert

Marine Corps

Collins, Terry H.
Crosby, William D.
Drolet, Richard A.
Eaton, Michael
Hamlett, Ernie
Harvey, John M.
Ipoolan, John W.
Lake, Paul F.
Leary, Kevin R.
Selpo, Robert F. Jr.
Selpo, William G.
Story, Carlton L. Jr.
Story, Paul D.
Waddell, Richard D.

Coast Guard

Anderson, Gary A.
Benton, Harold F.
Cameron, Douglas
Caprenter,  Edward J. Jr.
DeGagne, Phillip G.
Grier, James P.
Grier, Harry S.
Hopkins, David
King, Geroge E.
King, John F.
King, Joseph C.
Kucharski, Francis J. Jr.
Kucharski, James F.
Neal, Lawrence A.
Olson, Thor B.
Patriquin, William
Richards, Robert
Robinson, Harold L.
Robinson, William A. Jr.
Spiewak, John S.
Swan, John L.
Wayrynen, James I.
Wiberg, Christopher Jr.



Morin, Roland E. Jr.


Fuller, Darryl
Rowe, Glen M.

Air Force
Harnish, Christopher M.
Reilly, Bonnie

Marine Corps

Grillo, Christopher
Roller, Ronald H.



Fuller, Greg
Rowe, Glen M.
Sullivan, Brian H.

Air Force

Bembridge, Beverly
Harnish, Christopher M.
Reilly, Bonnie

Marine Corps

Grillo, Christopher
Roler, Ronald H.

Persian Gulf


Arrunda, Shawn
Doyle, Shawn D.
Evans, Kenneth
Frances, James
Hodgkins, Christopher K.
Johnson, Jason
Murray, Peter
Nelson, Richard S.
Peters, Daniel B.
Robinson, Charles


Davis, Wilfred D.
Day, Kevin L.
Fuller, Greg
Hazen, LeBarron L.
Rowe, Glen M.
Sullivan, Brian H.
Tuck, Peter
Visnick, Robert L.

Air Force

Bembridge, Beverly
Harnish, Christopher M.
McGovern, James J.
Reilly, Bonnie
Sullivan, Kevin D.

Marine Corps

Grillo, Christopher
Rowell, Michael P.

Killed in Action *


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