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Paternal Lineage:

Allen- Eng > 1623 "Dorchester Co." >Salem MASS, Manchester-by-the-Sea, to Essex, MASS
Allen-  Braintree, MA and Martha's Vineyard
Allen - Salisbury MA
Abbott - Eng. > 1645 Portsmouth NH
Bailey - Rowley, MA
Baker - Kittery, Dover NH
Bairstow- Eng > 1635 Dedham, Scituate
Ball- Watertown, Lexington
Bill - Boston, Connecticut, Nova Scotia
Belcher - Ipswich MA
Bell - Charlestown MA
Bill- Eng > 1635 Boston, Winthrop, New London CT, Groton CT, Nova Scotia, to Salem, MASS
Bliss- Hartford CT,
Black - Salem MA
Bloggett- Eng > 1635 Cambridge, Woburn, MASS
Bollman- Hammersleben Germany > Lunenburg Nova Scotia (Hessian Soldier, Dr. Johann Daniel Bollman)
Bowen - Wales to Roxbury and Boston, MA
Bray - Gloucester MA
Bremner- Scotland > Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Brigham - Rowley, Braintree MA
Browning - Topsfield MA
Buckley- Salem, Danvers, MA
Buffum - Salem, MA
Buxton - Salem MA
Bullard- Watertown MA
Burrows/Burris- bef 1641 > New London CT, Groton CT
Butler- Martha's Vineyard
Call- Eng. 1636 Charlestown, MA
Caverly - Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Carter- Woburn, Burlington (Rev. Thomas Carter)
Chapin - 1635 > Roxbury, Springfield MASS (Deacon Samuel Chapin)
Chesebrough- Eng > 1630 Stonington CT
Clark - Plymouth and Duxbury, MA
Colliston/Collston, etc.- Salem, Reading
Colver - Connecticut
Convers/Converse- Eng > 1630 Charlestown, Woburn (Deacon Samuel Convers)
Cooke - Eng > 1638 Salem
Cox - Boston MA
Craighead - Scotland, Northern Ireland, Chilmark MA
Crispe -  Watertown, MA
Crosby- Eng > bef 1643 Rowley, Cambridge, Cape Cod, Nova Scotia
Daggett- 1630- Watertown, Plymouth, Martha's Vineyard
Davis- 1634 to Barnstable, Plymouth, Martha's Vineyard (immigrant Dolor Davis)
Doty - Edward Doty of the Mayflower, Plymouth, Marshfield, Plympton, MA
Dounton- Salem ( William Dounton, Salem jailor during the witchtrials)
Draper- bef 1640 > Roxbury, Norwich CT
Earl- Watertown
Emery- Eng > 1635 to Dover, Berwick, Kittery
Felton - Eng > 1633 Salem, Danvers, Peabody MA
Finck- Germany > Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Flint- Wales > Salem, Danvers, Reading MA
Folger - Eng > 1635 Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard
Follett- Salem MA
Fowle- Woburn, Concord MA
Foot/Foote- Eng > abt 1630 Plymouth to Salem, Danvers MA
Foote- 1633> Watertown , Wethersfield CT,
Garfield - Watertown MA
George- Charlestown, Lexington MA
Goodspeed- 1639 > to Barnstable MA
Gore- 1635 to Roxbury, Preston CT, Groton CT
Gorham- 1635 > Marshfield, Yarmouth, Barnstable MA
Gould - Salem, Massachusetts
Gould - Topsfield, Massachusetts
Gould - Maine
Green - Malden, MA
Hands- Eng > 1639 Charlestown
Hart - Watertown, Lynnfield, Reading, MA
Ham- Portsmouth, Dover, NH
Haughton- Wethersfield CT, Groton CT
Hawes- 1635? Duxbury, Yarmouth MASS,
Haynes - Sudbury MA
Heard/Hurd – Dover
Higgins- Eng > 1632 Plymouth, Martha's Vineyard
Hilliard - Hampton, NH and Martha's Vineyard
Hinckley- 1634/5> Scituate MASS, Barnstable
Hodson - Eng > 1636 Hingham >Dover NH
Homes - Northern Ireland, Chilmark MA
Hubbard - Salisbury MA
Hubbard - New London CT
Hull- Eng > 1635 MASS > Dover, NH (Rev. Joseph Hull)
Hutchinson - Salem, Essex County, MA
Hutchinson - Charlestown, Reading, MA
Ingraham- Northampton MA, Stonington CT, Boston,
Jacobs - Salem (from witchcraft victim George Jacobs hanged 1692)
Johnson- Eng> New Haven CT. > Rowley, MA
Jones- Eng > 1635 Watertown, Roxbury, MA
Jordan - Ipswich and Newbury MA
Kettell- Charlestown, Nantucket, MA
Langthorne- Rowley, MA
Lennox- Scotland > Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Long - Charlestown MA
Longfellow - Newbury, MA, Hampton Falls and Nottingham (Deerfield) NH
Longhorn / Langthorne - Rowley MA
Loomis- 1638 > Dorchester > Windsor
Lynde - Charlestown MA
Lyons- England or Ireland? > Connecticut, Nova Scotia
Masters - Watertown, MA
Mayhew- Martha's Vineyard, Plymouth,
Mead - Portsmouth, New Castle NH
Metcalf - Ipswich MA
Mixer- Eng > 1634 Watertown, MA
Mooers- Eng > 1638 Newbury, Lexington
Munroe- Scotland > 1652 Lexington, Billerica, Peabody, Danvers, MA
Nason - Eng > 1639 Kittery, Berwick, Dover NH
Norton - Weymouth, Dedham, Martha's Vineyard
Odiorne - New Castle, Rye
Osborn- Martha's Vineyard, Boston and Nova Scotia
Parker - England to Woburn MA
Parkhurst - Watertown, MA and Martha's Vineyard
Partridge - Duxbury MA
Perkins - Ipswich, MA and Wells ME and Chichester NH
Phelps- Andover
Pierce - Watertown, Lancaster, MA
Pierce - Charlestown and Woburn MA
Pickworth - Plymouth, Salem and Manchester MA
Platts- Rowley, Gloucester
Pope- Eng > 1634 Salem, Danvers
Porter- 1638 > Windsor CT, Nova Scotia
Prescott - Eng > 1638 Barbadoes to Lancaster, MASS
Proctor - Eng > 1635 Salem, Ipswich, Danvers, Peabody (John Proctor, witch trial victim)
Putnam- Salem, Danvers
Radsford/ Ratchford - Bridgewater MA to Nova Scotia
Rand - Eng > 1635 Charlestown, Nantucket, Nova Scotia
Redman - Hampton, NH
Richardson - Eng > abt 1635 Charlestown to Woburn
Roberts - Leeds Yorkshire England > 1915 Beverly MASS
Robinson- England, Leiden (Holland), Barnstable, Falmouth (Rev. John Robinson of the Pilgrims, son Isaac)
Roper - Hampton NH and Ipswich MA
Sawyer - Eng > 1636 Rowley, Lancaster, Woburn, MA
Schupp - Germany > Lunenburg Nova Scotia
Shatswell - Newbury MA
Simmons - Duxbury, MA
Simonds- Eng > abt 1635 Charlestown, Woburn, Burlington, Billerica
Skelton- Eng > 1629 Salem, Danvers (Rev. Samuel Skelton)
Skinner- 1635 > Windsor CT, Colchester, CT
Smith - Ipswich, MA
Smith - Wethersfield CT
Soule - George Soule of the Mayflower, Plymouth, Duxbury, Plympton, MA
Southwick - Eng> 1627 Salem, Danvers
Stacy - Eng > 1637 Salem MASS, Ipswich, Kittery
Stilson - Pemaquid Maine, New Durham NH, New Castle
Stone - Salem, Danvers MA
Stone - Watertown, MA
Taintor- bef 1650 > Windsor, New Haven
Tetherly- Berwick
Tew - Eng > 1642 to Newport, Rhode Island
Thompson - Eng > 1623 to NH and Kittery, Berwick (David Thompson)
Tompkins - Eng > 1635 Dorchester, Bridgewater, Salem
Tracy - Duxbury, MA
Trask- Salem, Beverly, Danvers
Treadway - Watertown MA
Treadwell - Eng > 1636 >Ipswich, Massachusetts
Tuck- Beverly, Manchester-by-the-Sea
Tufts - Charlestown and Malden MA
Tuttle- Boston, Ipswich, Essex, Portsmouth NH
Waite- Groton CT
Warren - Naseby, Northamptonshire, England
Wass- Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Windsor, Nova Scotia
Waters- Salem, Danvers, Reading
Weeks - Martha's Vineyard
Weld- bef. 1635 to Roxbury
Wells - Ipswich MA
Weymouth - Dover NH, Eliot Maine
Wilkinson - London bef. 1715 > Portsmouth NH> South Berwick Maine> Peabody Mass.
Williams - Salem and Manchester MA
Wilson - Salem, Danvers,
Worcester - Eng > abt 1639 Salisbury (Rev. William Worcester)
Wright- Woburn

Maternal Lineage:

Abbey - Salem and Wenham MA
Alcock - York ME
Allen - England to Newbury, Salisbury, Massachusetts
Allen- England > 1624 Dorchester Company to Gloucester, Manchester by the Sea, Essex MASS
Allerton- England > 1620 Plymouth, Marblehead (Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower)
Andrews- Ipswich, Essex MA
Andrews - Boxford MA
Ashby- Beverly, MA
Atkins - Phippsburg, ME and Abington, MA
Atwater - Boston MA and New Haven CT
Ayer - Salisbury and Haverhill MA
Bacon- England > about 1630 to Dedham, Bridgewater, Salem, Marblehead, MA
Baker - Ipswich MA
Balch- England > 1624 to Beverly, MA
Bangs- Plymouth, Eastham, MA
Bassett- England 1635 > Lynn
Batchelder- England > 1632 Hampton NH, Chichester NH, Essex (Reverend Stephen Bachiler)
Bates - New Castle (Great Island) NH
Beadle- England > before 1650 Charlestown, Salem, MA
Bearse- England > 1638 to Barnstable, MA
Beckett- England > before 1650 to Salem, MA
Beamsley - Boston MA
Berry- England > about 1631 Stawberry Bank (Portsmouth), Rye, New Hampshire
Bishop- Salem, Ipswich (Bridget (Playfer) Bishop, witch trial victim)
Blake - Hampton NH
Blackman - Stratford CT
Boutwell- Reading, MA
Bray- Gloucester, Salem, MA
Brewer - Boston MA and Hampton NH
Brimblecomb - Marblehead MA
Brown- Lynn, Reading, MA
Browning - Topsfield MA
Bulkely- Concord MASS, Reading (Reverend Edward Bulkely)
Bullen- England > about 1636 to Sherborne MASS, Brimfield MASS
Burnham- England > 1635 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Chesley - Oyster River (Dover NH), Greenland NH, Wells ME, Loudon NH
Chipman- England > 1631 to Plymouth, Barnstable, MA
Choate- England > 1643 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Clarke - Newbury, MA Nottingham and Deerfield, NH
Clements - Haverhill MA
Cloutman- Scotland? > about 1650 to Salem, MA
Cogswell- England > 1645 Ipswich, Essex, MA
Cole - Charlestown MA
Collins- England > 1637 Lynn, Salem, MA
Converse - Woburn MA
Corning- England > bef. 1638 Beverly, MA
Cowdry- Reading, MA
Cox- Boston and Abington, MA
Cree- About 1700 to Marblehead, Topsfield, MA
Crosby- England > about 1638 to Boston, Cambridge, Rowley, Harwich, Yarmouth Nova Scotia
Cross- Ipswich, MA
Dane- England > 1635 Andover, MA  (Reverend Francis Dane)
Davis- Gloucester, MA
Davis - Watertown, Roxbury, Chelsea, MA
Dearborn- Exeter, Hampton NH
Dixey - Lynn, Salem and Beverly MA
Doty- England > 1620 to Plymouth (Edward Doty of the Mayflower)
Dunnell/Dwinnell- France? (Huguenot) > about 1664 Topsfield
Downing - Salem, MA
Eaton- Reading, Lynnfield
Ellingwood/Ellenwood- England > 1635 Beverly
Emerson- Concord MASS, Reading MASS, Hancock NH, South Boston (Reverend Joseph Emerson)
Emmons- Ipswich
Everson- Kingston MASS,
Fairbanks- England > about 1636 to Dedham, Lancaster MA
Fiske - Salem, Wenham and Chelmsford MA
Fortune - Marblehead, MA
Foss- Portsmouth, Hampton NH
Foster - Gloucester MA
Friend - Salem and Manchester MA
Frost- Isles of Shoals
Fuller- England > 1635 to Ipswich, Beverly MA
Gale- England > Boston, Beverly, Salem MA
Garland - Charlestown, Hampton, Rye
Gardner - Boston, Salem, Marblehead MA
Gardner- about 1661 to Gloucester MA
Gibbons - Oyster River (Dover) NH
Giddings – England > 1635 Ipswich, Essex MA
Gifford- Ipswich MA
Glover - before 1638 in Marblehead, Salem MA  (Admiral John Glover)
Godfrey - Hampton
Goodhue- England > 1635 Ipswich MA
Gould - Topsfield, MA
Gould - Maine
Greene - Malden, Falmouth MA
Green - Malden, MA
Green - Cambridge MA
Guppy - Salem and Marblehead, MA
Haggett- England about 1638 > Salem, Wenham, Ipswich
Gyles - Salem MA
Hamblin- before 1639 to Barnstable, Yarmouth Nova Scotia
Harker - Lynn, MA
Harper- Sandwich
Haskell - England > 1635 to Salem, Gloucester, Rockport
Hele/ Haley/ Healy/ Healey - England > about 1630 to Lynn, Cambridge, Rehoboth, Yarmouth Nova Scotia, Beverly
Henderson- from Maine 1677 to Salem
Herrick- Salem, Beverly, Gloucester, Rockport
Hilliard - Salem MA
Hitchings - Lynn, Saugus, Salem, Hamilton
Hix/Hicks - Beverly, MA (possibly in Plymouth earlier?)
Homan - Plymouth? To Marblehead, Salem, MA
Hoogerzeil - Dordrect Netherlands > about 1820 to Beverly MASS
Hovey - Ipswich, MA
Hoyle - Marblehead, MA
Howland- England > 1620 to Plymouth, Duxbury (John Howland of the Mayflower, his brother Arthur)
Hudson - Boston MA
Huckins - England > before 1638 to Boston, Barnstable, MA
Hutchings - Haverhill, Newbury MA
Ingalls - England > 1629 Lynn, Ipswich, Gloucester
Irons - Boston MA
Jillings - Newbury
Kimball - Ipswich MA
Kinsman - England > 1634, Ipswich, Essex
Johnson - Topsfield, Worcester
Jones - Wales > about 1768 to Boston, Mass
Kelly - Isles of Shoals
Kendall - Woburn, Reading MA
King - Lynn MA
Knight - Boston MA, Dover NH, Hampton Falls NH
Knight - Charlestown, Topsfield, MA
Knight - Charlestown, Topsfield MA
Lambert - ?? Boston MASS
Lamprey - Hampton NH
Lane - Boston MA, Hampton NH
Larkin - Charlestown, MA
Lawrence - Ipswich MA
Leach- Salem and Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA
Lewis - Salem MA
Lewis - Saco Maine
Lillie - About 1650 > Reading, Woburn
Littlefield - Wells in Maine, Hampton Falls NH
Locke- Portsmouth, Rye, Hampton, Chichester NH
Lockwood - Cambridge MA
Mace - Isles of Shoals, Rye, NH
Marrian - Watertown MA and Hampton NH
Marshall - England > abt 1640 Salem, Ipswich
Mason - Salem, MA
Masters - Watertown, MA
Maverick - England > 1629/30 to Dorchester, Plymouth, Marblehead, Salem, Hingham, MASS  (Reverend John Maverick)
Mayo - Cape Cod and Boston MA
Mears - England > about 1750 Wenham, Essex MA
Mendall - Marshfield, Rochester MASS
Metcalfe - Ipswich
Morrill - Cambridge and Salisbury, MA
Morse - Dedham and Medfield MA
Mirick/Myrick - Wales > 1636 to Newbury, Charlestown
Newell - Charlestown MA
Norman - Marblehead, Salem, Manchester-by-the-Sea
Norcross - Braintree, MA
Norton - England > 1635 Ipswich, Hampton NH (Reverend William Norton)
Nudd - Hampton
Oliver - Salem MA
Page - England > 1637 Hampton NH
Parkhurst - Boston and Watertown, MA
Pearson - Lynn and Reading, MA
Perkins - England > 1630 Ipswich
Peters - England to Salem, MA
Philbrick - Watertown MA and Hampton NH
Phippen - Hingham and Boston MA
Pierce - England > before 1634 Charlestown, Wilmington, Woburn
Pitman - Marblehead MA
Playfer - Bridget Playfer Wasselbee Oliver Bishop hanged 1692, Salem MA
Poland - Wenham, Hamilton, Salem, Essex MA
Presbury/Preston, Presson - Sandwich, Saco ME, Beverly MA
Randall (possibly Kendall) - Boston, MA
Randall - Saco, ME, Beverly MA
Reed - England > 1635 Woburn MA
Rindge/Ring/Ringe - England > bef 1639 Roxbury, Ipswich
Robinson - England > Leiden HOLLAND > Falmouth, Barnstable, (Rev. John Robinson)
Rollins - Dover (Newington) NH
Roper - Ipswich MA and Hampton, NH
Sanborn - England > 1632 Hampton NH
Sawtell - Watertown and Groton MA
Shaw - Hampton NH
Sherborne - Portsmouth, NH
Sibley - Salem MA
Sleeper - England > 1640 Boston, Hampton NH, Kingston NH
Smith - Ipswich MA
Smith - Reading MA
Smith - Exeter and Hampton NH
Soule - England > 1620 Plymouth, Duxbury (George Soule of the Mayflower)
Sparks - Ipswich, MA
Spencer - Lynn, MA
Standford - Falmouth Maine, Gloucester MASS
Standish - England > 1620 to Duxbury, Plymouth (Myles Standish of the Mayflower)
Standlake - Scituate and Rochester MA
Staples - > bef 1639 to Weymouth, Braintree, Bridgewater MA
Stilson - Muscongus Island (Bristol) ME, Marblehead, New Durham NH, New Castle NH, Portsmouth, NH
Stone - England > 1635 to Salem, Beverly MA
Story - England > 1637 Ipswich, Essex MA
Swett - Isle of Guernsey > Newbury MASS, Hampton NH
Thompson - Scotland (Prisoner of War) about 1650> Ipswich MA
Thompson - Gilmanton NH
Tilley - of the Mayflower
Towne - England > 1640 to  Topsfield MA
Townsend - England > About 1635 Lynn, Reading MA
Treadwell - England > before 1637 to Ipswich MA
Tuck - Gloucester, Beverly MA
Tybott - Gloucester MA
Underwood - England > about 1637 to Watertown, Dorchester, Brimfield MA
Varney - Ipswich, MA
Verry - Gloucester, MA
Vinson/Vincent - England > 1635 to Salem, Gloucester MA
Walker - Lynn MA
Wallis - Portsmouth and Rye NH
Wallis - Cornwall > bef 1650 > Gloucester, Blackpoint Maine, Beverly, Ipswich MA
Warner - Ipswich MA
Ward - England > before 1636 to Hingham, Charlestown, Salem MA
Way - Dorchester MA
Weare - Newbury MA and Hampton NH
Webb - Salem MA
Webster - Ipswich, Haverhill, MA
Webster - England > before 1640 Watertown MA, Hampton NH
Welch - Kittery?, Chichester NH
Wells - Ipswich MA
West – Beverly MA
Weston - England > 1635 to Duxbury, Plympton, MA
Wheeler - Charlestown, MA
Whipple - Ipswich MA
Wilder - Hingham MA
Wildes - England 1635> Salem, Ipswich MA
Wilkes - Salem MA
Wilkins - Dorchester, Lynn and Middleton MA
Williams - Salem and Manchester MA
Wilson - Woburn MA
Window - Gloucester MA
Winn - England > 1635 Woburn MA
Winthrop - England and Massachusetts
Woodbury - Beverly MA
Woodward - Boston and Ipswich MA
Wotton - Gloucester MA
Wyman - Woburn (now Burlington) MA


  1. Lots of familiar names on that list. It seems you are related to both me and my husband, Ron. :)

  2. I am related to the Weld family. Went to Sturbridge, MA, then Morrisville, VT

  3. I have 21 matches that I know of, mostly on your maternal side.

  4. I am related to FOLGER but its on my paternal grandmothers side

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for your kind comment! I hope you find something useful here at Nutfield Genealogy!

  6. I'm a descendant of Richard Waters and can confirm your information from a book written by my father's cousin (Jeanne Waters Strong) titled One Waters Family.

    Ian Waters

  7. I think we're cousins multiples of ways through both your parents (Allen, Doty, Tracy, Herrick, maybe Howland-Tilley that I spotted).