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I’ve written almost 200 blog posts with Mayflower themes. Below are links to some of the most popular and useful blog posts.  To see all click here:  These links are divided into subgroups:  Mayflower Links, The Ship Mayflower II, The Mayflower Society, Mayflower Passengers, Just for Fun, and the last group is the 23 blog posts I wrote about the locations in England and Holland I visited in 2017 with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants Historic Sites Tour (The list of blog posts on the 2022 "Path of the Pilgrims" tour is at the TOP of the list). 

Mayflower links:

2022 Tour "Path of the Pilgrims" by the General Society of Mayflower Descendants:

"The First Christmas of New England by Harriet Beecher Stowe"  

"Happy 400th Anniversary of the First Thanksgiving"  

"Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the First Thanksgiving"  

"Five Kernels of Corn Myth"

“10 NEW Things to Know About Researching a Pilgrim in Your Family Tree” 2020 

“New Archaeological Finds at Plymouth, Massachusetts 2019 

“2020 Events for the 400th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Mayflower” 2019 

"Eber Bunker's Hill in Australia:  A Mayflower Descendant" 

“Sneak Preview of the New Brewster Book Manuscript in Plymouth, Massachusetts” 2019 

“Part Two of the Brewster Book Manuscript Book Launch” 2019 

“Throwback Thursday – 1981 and 1982 Plymouth, Massachusetts”  2019 

“1968 Plymouth, Massachusetts – Photo Friday”  2019 

“Patriot to Passenger Project” 2018 (a project with the GSMD and the DAR) 

“Rocky Nook – The Site of Mayflower Passenger John Howland’s Homestead” 2018 

“Jabez Howland House, Plymouth, Massachusetts”  2018 

“The Five Kernels of Corn Myth at Thanksgiving” 2016 

“From the Plimoth Plantation Museum Bookstore”  2013 

“Photo Friday – Now and Then, at the Mayflower II in Plymouth, Massachusetts 1975”  2013 

“Tombstone Tuesday – Some Pilgrims in Plymouth”  2011 

“More Things to do in Plymouth, Massachusetts”  2011 

The Ship Mayflower II:

“The Mayflower II under renovation at the Mystic Seaport Shipyard” 2016

“Touring Mayflower II in Drydock” 2013 (Fairhaven, Massachusetts) 

Mayflower Society:

“2019 New Hampshire Thanksgiving Proclamation and Turkey Pardon” 2019 

“What Goes On At A Mayflower Society Meeting” 2015 

“Pilgrim’s Progress at the 41st Congress of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants” 2017 

Mayflower Passengers:

John Howland, Mayflower Passenger Tombstone Tuesday: 2023  

“Surname Saturday – Allerton, a Mayflower Passenger”  2017 

“Surname Saturday – Doty of the Mayflower” 2018 

“Surname Saturday – Howland, A Mayflower Passenger” 2017 

“Surname Saturday – Robinson of England and Leyden, Holland, and Massachusetts” 2013 

“Surname Saturday – Soule of the Mayflower” 2018 

“Surname Saturday – Standish of the Mayflower” 2018 

“The 1st Annual Myles Standish Descendants Family Reunion” 2017 

“Surname Saturday – Tilley of the Mayflower” 2017 

“Are You a Descendant of Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower?” 2014 

“Pilgrim William White Society Being Organized”  2013 

“Winslow House, Marshfield, Massachusetts” 2013 

“Tombstone Tuesday – Richard More, the Mayflower Bastard, Salem, Massachusetts” 2012 

“Tombstone Tuesday – Two Mayflower Passengers buried in Eastham, Massachusetts”  2012 

Just for fun:

“My Mayflower Passengers” 2011 (list of your favorite bloggers and their Mayflower lineages) 

This last group of blog posts are about my 2017 Trip to England, Wales and The Netherlands with the General Society of Mayflower Descendants Historic Sites Tour, and was written up in 23 parts.  See below (geographic locations in the titles):
Part 1 of this series "Babworth, Nottinghamshire":

Part 2 of this series "Scrooby Manor"

Part 3 of this series “Gainsborough, Lincolnshire”:

Part 4 of this series "Harwich, Essex, home of the Mayflower"

Part 5 this series "Stephen Hopkins of Upper Clatford, Hampshire"

Part 6 of this series "William Mullins of Dorking, Surrey"

Part 7 of this series “Edward Winslow of Droitwich, Worcestershire”

Part 8 of this series "The Fullers of Reddenhall, Norfolk":

Part 9 of this series "John Howland of Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire":

Part 10 of this series "Tilley and Sampson of Henlow, Bedfordshire":

Part 11 of this series "William Bradford of Austerfield, Yorkshire":

Part 12 of this series "Francis Eaton of Bristol":

Part 13 of this series "James Chilton, Robert Cushman of Canterbury, Kent, England":

Part 14 of this series "Fishtoft, Lincolnshire where the Pilgrims were betrayed":

Part 15 of this series "Boston, Lincolnshire, where the Pilgrims were jailed":

Part 16 of this series "Immingham, Lincolnshire to Holland":

Part 17 of this series “In Exile in Amsterdam”:

Part 18 of this series “St. Pieterskerk in Leiden, The Netherlands”:

Part 19 of this series "Touring Leiden":

Part 20 of this series "Delfshaven, Holland"

Part 21 of this series “Dartmouth, Devonshire”

Part 22 of this series “Plymouth, Devonshire”

“Part 23 of this series “The Mayflower returns to Rotherhithe, London, England”

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