Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun- A Nice Thing

This in response to Randy Seaver's post at He asks genea-bloggers to remember one nice thing another genealogist did for you in the past week. In my case, it was another relative who sent me some wonderful photos of my great-great grand father Caleb Rand Bill, the music professor from Salem, Massachusetts. Caleb lived 1833 to 1902, and he was born in Nova Scotia. In my family tree there are at least five Caleb Rand Bills, including my Caleb's uncle with the same name who was the first senator from Nova Scotia to Canada's new parliment in 1867.

This relative and I met in October, and I blogged about it then. We had a small famiy reunion in Peabody, Massachusetts of a small group of Caleb Rand Bill's descendants. It was at this time that I mentioned that I had never seen a photograph of our great-great grand father, even though I had a copy of a photo of his father, the Reverend Ingraham Ebenezer Bill. It was wonderful to recieve the copies of these photographs. One is a scan of an advertisement for a studio photographer in a Salem newspaper, showing Caleb's wedding photo to his wife Ann Margaret Bollman.


See my posts on October 4, September 1 and 15, 2009 for more on the Bill family....

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  1. A very nice gift to receive.
    I can picture a professional photo restorer and historian pulling their hair out at the thought of the clothing and background changes that may have taken place by the original photographer. Lol.

  2. Yes, I agree. I don't know what year this newspaper clipping is from, but judging by the Salem, Massachusetts telephone number it is at least 50 years ago. I wish I knew who owned the original photo! They were married in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and this is the wedding photo.