Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Patricks and Bridgets - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today I’m listing some of the Patricks and Bridgets found in my family tree…. There are not too many since I have few ancestors of Irish or Scots-Irish heritage, although Bridget was a surprisingly popular name in Puritan New England. Patrick and Bridget are the patron saints of Ireland.


My brother in law is a Patrick, although he reports to me that his heritage is Welsh.

My cousin married a doctor with the middle name FitzPatrick, and they gave their son the name Patrick as a middle name.

Patrick Lyons, born about 1790 probably in Northern Ireland, died 1815 in Connecticut, my 6x great grandfather. It is my guess that he was Scots Irish.


Brigida Torres (Spanish for Bridget) is my husband’s great grandmother, born 1865 in Spain

Bridget White, born about 1581 in Sutton, Nottinghamshire, England, is my 10 x great grandmother. She married the Reverend John Robinson, pastor to the Pilgrims (the Separatists) in Leyden, Holland. They also had a daughter, Bridget Robinson, who was born in 1608 in Amsterdam, and married John Greenwood.

Bridget Playfer, died when hung as a witch on 10 June 1692 in Salem, is my 9x great grandmother. She is usually known by her third husband’s surname as Bridget Bishop.

Bridget Weymouth, born about 1664 in Berwick, Maine, was my 7x great grandmother, married to John Nason. Bridget Nason, baptized on 31 May 1736 in South Berwick, Maine was sister to my 5x great grandfather Richard Nason (grandchildren of Bridget and John).

Bridget Bill, born 14 December 1727 in Lebanon, Connecticut, was the sister to my 4x great grandfather Asahel Bill.

Bridget Chesebrough, who married Joseph Minor in 1709, in Massachusetts, is my first cousin 8 generations removed.

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