Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday- Some Allens at Spring Street Cemetery, Essex, Massachusetts

Alden Gaston Allen, born 6 September 1873, in Essex
died 22 July 1896 in Essex, unmarried

Albert Willard Allen, born 23 December 1878, in Essex
died 25 Mar 1903 in Beverly (was married to Lillian M. Dorsett in 1900)
Buried at Lot 283

Alden and Albert were brothers to my great grandfather, Joseph Elmer Allen (1870-1932)

Gilman P. Allen, born 25 October 1809 in Ipswich
died 11 April 1892 in Essex

Elizabeth Collins, born 28 February 1819 in Newbury
died 20 May 1888 in Essex (married to Gilman in 1840)

Leveritt Perkins (Gilman's son in law), born 22 December 1839 in Essex
died 28 September 1881 in Essex

Elizabeth C., (daughter of Gilman and Elizabeth Collins, 2nd wife)
born about 1841
died 1911
Buried at Lot 127

Gilman P. Allen was a brother to my 3x great grandfather, Joseph Allen (1801 - 1894)

Follow this link for a story posted last year about the large Allen family Plot, Lot 456,  with my grandparents,  great grandparents and other Allens at the Spring Street Cemetery in Essex, Massachusetts

Spring Street Cemetery, Essex , Massachusetts
Coordinates      Latitude 24.6373692 24° 38' 14" N

                    Longitude -70.7799953 70° 46' 47" W
Operated by the Town of Essex Cemetery Department (978) 768-6262
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  1. Your pictures are so clear, I have monument stones, that just don't cut it, I may have to play with editing. I sadly say I neglect posting a few.