Friday, October 14, 2011

2011 Seven to Save in New Hampshire

The Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch,
one of New Hampshire's last grand wooden Victorian era hotels
was closed indefinitely in September 2011
The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance has published its list of historic structures worth preservation in 2011.  For the past five years the alliance has raised support and awareness of endangered places in the state of New Hamshire.  In many cases, this awareness has saved these buildings and structures from loss, demolition or ill-planned renovations.   Of the 35 structures on the list, half have been saved.

The 2011 list includes:

1. The Balsams Resort in Dixville Notch, (closed since September 15th)
2. The Old Grist Mill on Little River in Kingston
3.  Middleton Town Hall
4. The Farley Building in Hollis
5. Pearson Hall on Haverhill’s town common
6. The Charlestown Town Hall
7. The Wheaton-Alexander House in Winchester (destined for demolition)

This year the ceremony was held at UNH, where two structures have been on the list; the Millpond Dam in 2010 and the New England Center in 2009.  Michael Tule, the chair of the Alliance’s Seven to Save Committee stressed how preservation creates jobs, and how preserving our historic buildings is essential to tourism and business in New Hampshire.

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance website

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My blog post on the 2010 Seven to Save

The Derry Upper Village Hall
hosted the Taylor Family Reunion this summer
and was on the first list in 2006.
It is still waiting to be "saved". 

In 2009 the First Parish Church in Derry, founded by the original Scots Irish Settlers of Nutfield, was named to the “Seven to Save List”. I wrote about this at my post on 1 November 2009, which you can read at this link   On the first list in 2006 the Derry Upper Village Hall Meetinghouse was also listed, which is located across the street from the First Parish Church.

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  1. Hmm. Two of my cousins work at the Balsams. I wonder if they will open it up for the traditional election night vote?