Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Friday ~ A Visit to Littleton, New Hampshire

Littleton, New Hampshire, north of Franconia Notch, is a great little village with a vibrant downtown.  It is home to Eleanor Hodgman Porter, the author of the children's book Pollyanna, written in 1913.  In keeping with the optimism of Pollyanna, there are pianos stationed all over the main street.  We saw several people playing the pianos, much to the enjoyment of everyone, tourists and townies alike.  You can see one here on the sidewalk in the photo above, covered up with a plastic tarp because it was raining the day we visited. The rain did not stop several people from serenading us on the sidewalk. 

Chutter's General Store holds the Guinness World record for the longest penny candy counter in the world. It runs the entire length of the wall, and is over 112 feet of self service penny candy.  Children and adults were enjoying the serious business of choosing bags of their favorites, and having them weighed on the scales for payment.  I indulged in a few pieces of "fruit slices" (my favorite) and sour patch kids and gummies for my daughter.  You'll find all your favorites, in all flavors imaginable, as well as many old fashioned candies not seen in years and some new ones I'd never heard of before. 

The Littleton Public Library has a statue of Pollyanna by the front door.  I noticed that every child coming and going from the library took time to visit with the statue for a few moments. How fun! 

Just off Main Street we found this covered bridge, and from the bridge we spied a grist mill.  We walked over to the grist mill and saw that it was still operational.  They had a large supply of stone ground flours for sale, and pancake mixes.  We bought several sacks of stone ground whole wheat and have been enjoying the pancake mixes for some delicious breakfasts.  What a great way to remember our trip to Littleton!

Littleton, New Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Chutter's website   Yes, you can order online!

The Littleton Grist Mill   You can order flour online, too

Littleton Public Library 


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  1. What a charming little town. Thank you for sharing your visit with us.