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2014 Autumn Family Reunions

2012 Wyman Family Reunion
at the Francis Wyman House, 1666
(This list is for New England families only.  All require preregistration, so please look for further information through the associated websites or family association newsletters. If you know of more reunions being held, please leave a comment or email

August 23 – 24, Sgt. William Harlow Family Association Annual Reunion, to be held at the Beal House in Kingston, Mass. and at the Harlow Old Fort House in Plymouth, Mass.

September 5-6, Meader Family Association Annual Reunion, descendants of John Meader of Piscataqua who settled in Durham, New Hampshire in 1624, to be held at the Rochester, New Hampshire Holiday Inn Express.  For details

September 5 -7, The Nickerson Family Association Reunion, for descendants of William Nickerson and his wife Anne Busby.  Held at Cape Cod, with the annual meeting on September 6 (Saturday) at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.  See the website for more information

September 5 - 7 The Tenney Family Association Reunion, descendants of immigrant John Tenney, at Rowley Massachusetts in conjunction with the 375th Anniversary of the town of Rowley.  For more information see

September 6, The Harriman Family Association Reunion, the descendants of Leonard and John Harriman immigrants to Rowley, Mass. and New Haven, CT, circa 1638, held in conjunction with the 375th anniversary of the town of Rowley, Massachusetts.  See the website

September 7 – 9, General Society of Mayflower Descendants Congress, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Several Family meetings will convene during the triennial Mayflower Congress in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Please refer to the family society websites for more information, including changes and additions to meetings.

Friday, September 5,     10:30 am – Samson Society
                                      Afternoon – Warren and Bartlett Societies                                                          
                                      6 pm – Howland, Warren and Bartlett Societies banquet                                     
Saturday, September 6,    9:30am Brown Society  email
                                      10am  Howland Society
                                       2 pm Brewster Society memorial service at Brewster Gardens                              
                                      3pm Brewster Society meeting
                                      6pm Brewster Society dinner
                                      6pm Allerton Society reception and dinner
Sunday, September 7    10am Hopkins Society meeting and luncheon                                                      
Monday, September 8   5pm  White Society meeting  email

September 26 -28, Old Planters Reunion in Beverly, Massachusetts, for the Old Planters families of the Beverly including Balch, Cressey, Woodbury, etc.  See the Beverly Historical Society website for more information, and a registration form PDF is online at this link

September 27, 110th Reunion of the John Libby Association,

October 4 2014 Annual Meeting Wyman Family Association: at the Francis Wyman House in Burlington, MA  10:00 am - 2:00 pm.  Our annual meeting will be on Saturday, October 4th this year. House tours will start at 10:00 am, Meeting at 11:00am , Family picture at Noon, followed by lunch, and then our preservation architect; John Goff, will present his preservation skills school report.  

Coming in 2015

The Global Family Reunion -  See the website for more information or watch the TED talk video by AJ Jacobs at this link  

The Grinnell Family Association Reunion at New Bedford, Massachusetts (tentative)

Foote Family Association Reunion, descendants of Nathaniel Foote of Connecticut, to be held in Salt Lake City

Nye Family Reunion, Sandwich, Massachusetts, September 2015

Taylor Family Reunion, Descendants of Matthew and Janet Taylor of Nutfield, New Hampshire, 31 July - 2 August 2015 at the Dalhousie Agriculture Campus,  11 River Road, in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia.  See the Facebook group for more information

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