Monday, December 15, 2014

Weird Search Terms for My Blog 2014

Google                                                           My Comment

Skelton family massitustice                                     Apparently spelling doesn’t count on Google?
Ferdinand & Isabella weathervane                           Now THAT would be cool!
Secret documents Alan Bartlett Shepard                     THAT would be even cooler
Mirskidok                                                                ???
Norton Howland Bearse Adams Benson Clark          Narrow your search
Lundundairy                                                             Ha!
New Hamster                                                          How about West Vir-gerbil?
kuai maryot weather station                                      I don’t know how google found me with this, but
                                                                               I did have a photo of the Kauai Marriott weather station
                                                                               Believe it or not!

Images searched online that actually landed on my blog website ….
Photos of Salem witch hangings                               Yeah, right
Photo Winthrop Fleet                                               Sure, with my iPhone…
Photo Mayflower Compact signing                           OK, I’ll use my iPhone, and get a selfie this time

Questions on Google?
Are there any photos of my father online?                [this is sad]
Whose the astronot from NH?                                 5 points off for spelling

Just Plain Odd…
Cemetery property for sale flyers
Victorian steel hats
Boston Alaska Chinese vase
Salem witch shoes                                   

Close, but no cigar… these are names of kin
                                     (no one else would know these names),
                                     if you are the cousin who googled these please identify yourself!

Jonathan Glover Lee NH 1800s put in insane asylum
Peter Hoogerzeil Beverly Mass
Abijah Franklin Hitching book author
Reverend Ingraham Ebenezer Bill

For the truly curious:

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  1. You must have omitted many references to geniology websights with cematary fotos.

    But your inventories do make me laugh - thanks!