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Surname Saturday ~ KENDALL

Middlesex County, Massachusetts
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The Kendall Family goes back for many generations in Cambridgeshire, England.  John Kendall (1580 – 1660) had ten children, and seven came to Massachusetts.   They all lived near each other, often in contiguous communities.   I descend from Mabel and Thomas.

These Kendall children all came to Masachusetts:
1) Mabel (about 1606 – 1690) married William Reed and lived in Woburn, Massachusetts
2) John (about 1608 – 1690) married Elizabeth and lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts
3) Thomas ( about 1616 – 1681) married Rebecca and lived in Reading, Massachusetts
4) Francis (1620 – 1706) married Mary Tidd and lived in Woburn, Massachusetts
5) Elizabeth (1623 – 1696/7) married Morris Somes and lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts
6) Bethiah (d. 1668.9) married Theophilus Phillips and lived in Watertown, Massachusetts
7) Mary married Thomas Whitney and lived in Watertown, Massachusetts

Mabel and her husband William Read, my 10th great grandparents, came to Massachusetts on the Defence with three children in 1635.  They settled in Woburn, where her brother Francis was living.  Eventually they had a total of nine children born in England, Dorchester, and Woburn.  William eventually returned to England and died at Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1656.  Mabel married second to Henry Summers on 21 November 1660 in Woburn.  I descend from her daughter, Abigail, born 1634 in Dorchester, who married Francis Wyman as his second wife.

Mabel’s brother Thomas Kendall is my 9th great grandfather.  He first settled in Charlestown with his brother Francis.  Later Thomas removed to Lynn and settled in the area that was later known as Reading.  This area became South Reading, and later Wakefield.  He was a Deacon of the church and selectman for many years.  He had ten daughters, and the Kendall name was not passed on in his line as a surname.  However, Sewell’s History of Woburn, pages 619 - 620 remembers him like this:

“Francis Kendall remembers likewise in his will the eight children of his brother Thomas (one of the first settlers of Reading, and a deacon of the church there) who were living, when he, said brother died.  It seems that this brother of Frnacis Kendall, of Woburn, Deacon Thomas Kendall of Reading, and Rebecca his wife, had ten daughters, but no son that lived.  But these daughters, in order to preserve their maiden name, Kendall, among their posterity, directed, eath of them, when married, that her first born son should have the given name Kendall, prefixed to his surname; as Kendall Peirson, Kendall Boutwell, Kendall Eaton, Kendall Briant, etc., etc, etc., which gave occasion to the following lines respecing these daughters in a Poem written by Lillie Eaton, Esq., of South Reading, and published with Flint's Historical Address upon the 200th anniversary of the founding of Reading.  In mentioning the vernerable matron, their mother, he observes:
"She had ten daughters; and each one
When married, christened her first son
Kendall; and thus we many infer
Why 'tis these names so oft occur"
                     -- Flint's Address, p. 64"

Thomas Kendall and his wife, Rebecca, were originally buried the old cemetery in Reading and then his grave was removed to the Wakefield Old Burial Ground.  His tombstone is described in Graven Images: New England Stonecarving and its Sybols, 1650 – 1815, by Allen Ludwig, Wesleyan University Press, 1999, page 84.  His gravestone has no dates, and the epitaph is:

Fugit Hora                               [Time Flies]   
Memento Te Esse Mortalem    [Remember that you are mortal]
Upon ye death of Thomas Kendel
Her in ye Earth is layd on of ye 7 of this Church Foundation
So to remaien tel ye powerful voice say ris, in her I a Gloris
A Patarn of piati & Love & for peace
But now alas how short his race
Here we mourn & mourn we moust
To se zion sons like gold now laid
In dust

Rebecca’s epitaph reads:

Here lyeth the mother of ten
Who had 175 grand and great-grandchildren

Some Kimball Sources:

A Mills and Kendall Family History: American Ancestry and Descendants of Herbert Lee Mills and Bessie Delano Kendall, by Helen Schatvet Ullman, Boston: Newbury St. Press, 2002

The Kendall Family in America, by William Montgomery Clemens, reprinted by Higginson Book Company, 1919. Online at 

New England Kendalls website

Notable descendant:  President Calvin Coolidge

The Deacon Thomas Kendall House survives at 1 Prospect Street in Wakefield, Massachusetts.  It is a federal style house, but the central chimney and inner rooms date back to Deacon Kendall, who lived there until 1681.  The house is on the National Register of Historic Places, but is privately owned.   See a photo at this Wikipedia article 

My KENDALL genealogy:

Generation 1:  John Kendall of Cambridgeshire, England

Lineage A:

Generation 2:  Mabel Kendall, born 1606 in England, died 5 June 1690 in Woburn, Massachusetts; married about 1625 in Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire, England to William Reed, son of Thomas Reed and Mary Cornwall.  He was baptized on 18 April 1601 in Brocket Hall, and died 9 April 1656 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England.  Nine children.

Generation 3: Abigail Reed married Francis Wyman
Generation 4:  Nathaniel Wyman married Mary Winn
Generation 5:  Increase Wyman married Deborah Pierce
Generation 6:  Increase Wyman married Catherine Unknown
Generation 7: Jemima Wyman married Joshua Burnham
Generation 8: Jemima Burnham married Romanus Emerson
Generation 9:  George Emerson married Mary Esther Younger
Generation 10: Mary Katharine Emerson married George E. Batchelder
Generation 11: Carrie Maud Batchelder married Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 12: Stanley Elmer Allen married Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)

Lineage B:

Generation 2: Thomas Kendall, born about 1616 in England, died 22 July 1681 in Reading, Massachusetts; married Rebecca about 1640 in Charlestown, Massachusetts.  Twelve children.

Generation 3: Rebecca Kendall, born 10 February 1644 in Reading, died 30 August 1713 in Reading; married 15 June 1665 in Reading to James Boutwell, son of James Boutwell and Alice Unknown.  He was born about 1642 and died 5 December 1716 in Reading.

Generation 4:  Sarah Boutwell married John Townsend
Generation 5:  Sarah Townsend married Brown Emerson
Generation 6:  John Emerson married Katherine Eaton
Generation 7: Romanus Emerson married Jemima Burnham (see above)

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