Friday, July 24, 2015

Felton Family Reunion 2015, Peabody, Massachusetts

Mary Kate Felton, President of the Felton Family Association,
welcomed everyone to the 27th annual Felton Reunion in Peabody, Massachusetts

Cora Felton Anderson, from Washington state,
gave a genealogy talk to the attendees,
on new information about Ellen/ Eleanor (Thrower) Felton,
mother of early Salem settler, Nathaniel Felton, Sr.

My first cousin, Sue Wilkinson Parker,
showing the Phebe Cross Munroe sampler.
Phebe was our great- great grandmother,
and a Felton descendant
There were twenty one attendees today at the first day of the 27th annual Felton Family reunion at the Felton homesteads in Peabody, Massachusetts.  We enjoyed breakfast, lunch and dinner together, with genealogy talks and tours of the Nathaniel Felton, Sr (1615 - 1705) home and the Nathaniel Felton, Jr. (1655 - 1733) homesteads.  It was a beautiful day, and great weather for exploring the grounds.

Tomorrow will be the family association business meeting, and another luncheon.

Felton descendants visiting the Nathaniel Felton, Sr. House on Felton Road, Peabody, Massachusetts
built circa 1644

This is hanging in the Nathaniel Felton, Jr. homestead.
John Proctor is my 8th great grandfather, and Nathaniel Felton, Sen. is my 10th great grandfather

"We, whose names are under written,
having several years known John Proctor and his wife,
do testify that we never heard or understood that they
were ever suspected to be guilty of the crime now charged
upon them, and several of us being their near neighbors,
do testify that, to our apprehension, they lived Christian like
in their family, and were never ready to help such as stood 
in need of their help"

[signed] Nathaniel Felton, Sen., and Mary his wife
Smeul Marsh, and Priscilla his wife
James Moulton, and Ruth, his wife
John Felton, Nathaniel Felton, Jr.
Samuel Frayll, and Ann, his wife
Samuel Endicott, and Hannah his wife
Samuel Stone, George Locker
Samuel Gaskill, and Revidal, his wife
George Smith, Edward Gaskill"

[in the original paper, there were some, perhaps many, names cut 
off by scissors, according to C. W. Upham's History of Witchcraft)

"Court of Oyer and Terminer, Essex County, File Papers 1, 110, Petition for John and Elizabeth Proctor, 1692 (on deposit at the Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.) Courtesy of James D. Leary, Clerk of Courts for Essex County"

This family tree hanging in the Nathaniel Felton, Jr. home
shows Sarah Felton, my 5th great grandmother, daughter of
Malachi Felton, and wife of Robert Wilson

A beautiful back garden behind the Nathaniel Felton, Jr. House

The Nathaniel Felton, Jr. Homestead, built circa 1685,
located right next door to the Nathaniel Felton, Sr. Homestead
My 6th great grandmother, Sarah Felton (1750 - 1836) was the last Felton born here.

Nathaniel John Felton, a direct descendant of Nathaniel Felton
enjoyed his first visit to the Felton homesteads and the family reunion! 
The Felton Family Association website

The Peabody Historical Society (who own and operate the two Felton homesteads


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Felton Family Reunion 2015, Peabody, Massachusetts", Nutfield Genealogy, posted 24 July 2015, (  accessed [access date]).

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