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Surname Saturday ~ SHERBORNE of Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Piscataqua 1667

Revised 20 September 2018


My 10th great grandfather, Henry Sherborne,  was baptized in Odiham, Hampshire, England as the son of Joseph Sherburne.  Henry came to New England aboard the James in 1632.  He was a ferryman and tavern keeper in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  He was listed as a church warden at Strawberry Bank and he served as the clerk of the county court, and held many other offices in Portsmouth, including selectman.   His brother John was in New England by about 1642.
On 13 November 1637 he married Rebecca Gibbons, the daughter of Ambrose Gibbons, and had eleven children.  He married second to Sarah, the widow of Walter Abbott (my 8th great grandparents).   In 1668 Henry was in court for beating his wife, Rebecca, and she was also fined for “beating her husband & breaking his head”. 

There is no known death date for Henry Sherborne, but on 7 December 1680 when he failed to appear in court his daughter Mary said “[m]y father Henry Sherborned died about the year ’80 or ’83.  His death we was not sensible of”.   In 1671 he was in court with his new wife, Sarah, for “disorderly living and fighting”.   There are many lawsuits and fines in the court records for Henry Sherborne for fighting and lawsuits against his neighbors for numerous complaints.

In the New Hampshire Provincial Papers is a document which names Henry’s son, Samuel, my 9th great grandfather, who was granted a parcel of land for “taking into custody & Christian keeping of the said Henry Sherburne’s daughter Rebecca Sherburne (who is both dumb & wanting of understanding)”.    Samuel was with the military sent to Maine during King Philip’s War in 1691.  He was “killed by the heathen” at Casco Bay.  His last child was born after his death.

Henry’s daughter, and twin to Samuel, Elizabeth, married Tobias Lear, ancestor of the Tobias Lear (1762 – 1816) who was secretary to George Washington.   Tobias Lear's third wife was a Dandridge, a relative of Martha Washington.  He died in George Washington's house in Philadelphia. 

Some SHERBORNE resources:

The Great Migration Begins, Volume III, pages 1666 - 1669

Provincial Papers: Documents and Records Relating to the Province of New Hampshire, Volume 1 (1623 – 1686), compiled by Nathaniel Bouton, 1867

Portsmouth Records: A transcript of the first thirty five pages of the Earliest Town Book of Portsmouth, New Hampshire with notes, by Frank W. Hackett, 1886

Rambles about Portsmouth: Sketches of persons, localities and incidents of two centuries, by Charles W. Brewster,   pages 51 – 52 “Sherburne Family”   [available online at;view=fulltext]

"Captain Samuel Sherburne of Hampton", Seacoastonline, by Cheryl Lassiter, posted December 14, 2015, 

My SHERBORNE genealogy:

Generation 1: Henry Sherborne, son of Joseph Sherborne and Amy Cowlln, baptized 28 March 1611 in Odiham, Hampshire, England, died before 7 December 1680; married first on 13 November 1637 to Rebecca Gibbons, daughter of Ambrose Gibbons and Rebecca Unknown.  She was born about 1620 in England and died 3 June 1667 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  Eleven children.  He married second before December 1670 to Sarah, widow of Walter Abbott.

Generation 2:  Samuel Sherburne, born 4 August 1638 at Little Harbor (now Rye, New Hampshire), died 4 August 1691 in Casco Bay, Maine; married on 11 December 1668 in Haverhill, Massachusetts to Love Hutchings, daughter of John Hutchins and Frances Alcock.  Three children.  

Generation 3:  Elizabeth Sherburne, born 5 February 1672 in Portsmouth; died 25 April 1755 in Kingston, New Hampshire; married 4 February 1692 in Hampton, New Hampshire to Jonathan Sanborn, son of John Sanborn and Margaret Page.  He was born 25 May 1672 in Hampton, died 20 June 1741 in Kingston.  Twelve children.

Generation 4:  Margaret Sanborn m. Moses Sleeper
Generation 5:  Hepzibah Sleeper m. Samuel Lane
Generation 6: Sarah Lane m. Elisha Batchelder
(correction, Jonathan Batchelder is NOT a son of Elisha Batchelder and Sarah Lane)

Generation 7: Jonathan Batchelder m. Nancy Thompson
Generation 8:  George E. Batchelder m. Abigail M. Locke
Generation 9:  George E. Batchelder m. Mary Katharine Emerson
Generation 10: Carried Maude Batchelder m. Joseph Elmer Allen
Generation 11: Stanley Elmer Allen m. Gertrude Matilda Hitchings (my grandparents)


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