Thursday, October 20, 2016

Beverly, Massachusetts ~ Revolutionary War Honor Roll

These three plaques with the names of Revolutionary War Soldiers is located on the second floor of the Beverly Historical Society.   There is another plaque with the names of soldiers who answered the Lexington Alarm on 19 April 1775 (the “Minute Men” – I’ll post that plaque next week).  These names cover the rest of the war.

If you have colonial Beverly ancestry, you might find a few ancestors here.  Or at least a few cousins, because you will notice that the same surnames are repeated over and over.  For example, there are eight DODGEs and eight LOVETTs listed here, as well as nine TRASKs and twelve WOODBERRY/WOODBURYs!

[Note:  the fifers and drummers are listed with the officers]

These photos and transcriptions are for The Honor Roll Project website:



William Adams
Davis Allen
John Austin
Simeon Baker
John Bartlett
Scipio Batlett
Abel Batchelder
Asa Batchelder
John Beckford
George Bell
Joshua Bisson
Robert Blair
John Bowles
Jonathan Bowles
John Boyle
James Brazill
James Buckman
Timothy Buggy
Daniel Bunker
James Burley
Benjamin Butman
William Butman
Robert Cambel
John Carr
Alexander Carrico
John Carrico
Thomas Garry
John Carter
Peter Clark
William Clark
Matthias Claxton
John Cleaves
Joshua Cleaves
Nathan Cleaves
Benjamin Cole
Gideon Cole
Samuel Cole, Jr.
Solomon Cole, Jr.
Thomas Herrick Cole
William Collins
John Conant
Jonathan Conant
Lot Conant
Joshua Corning
Ozman Cox
William Cox
Richard Craft
John Creesy
Nathan Creesy
William Cutler
Thomas Darby
Cornelius Dodge
Edward Dodge
James Dodge
Nathaniel Dodge
Nehemiah Dodge
Rice Dodge
Samuel Dodge
Zachariah Dodge
John Droll
Ebenezer Eaton
John Eavelith
Robert Edwards
Andrew Eliott, 2nd
John Ellingwood
Samuel Ellinwood
William Elliott
Oliver Emmerton
John Evelah
John Fall
John Fielder
Amos Foster
Edward Foster
James Foster
Josiah Foster
John Freeman
John Freeman, Jr.
Scipio Freeman
Matthew French
George Gallop
Benjamin Gates
Henry Giles, 2nd
Samuel Giles
William Goodbridge
Primus Green
Robert Green
George Grose
Ichabod Groves
John Groves
Philip Grush
William Hales
James Harley
John Harmon
Timothy Harrington
Andrew Herrick
John Herrick
Scipio Herrick
Thomas Herrick
Thomas Hills
Thomas Hogans
Phineas Hovey
John Huges
John Kennedy
Jonathan Kent
Joseph Kent
Asa Kimball
Ammi Knowlton
Edward Knowlton
Jonathan Knowlton
Daniel Lampson
Asa Larcom
Jonathan Larcom
Joseph Laskey
Asa Leach
Jonathan Leach
Richard Lee



Henry Herrick, Colonel
Peletiah Warren, Surgeon
Benjamin Jones Porter, Surgeon’s Mate
Enos Hitchcock, Chaplain
John Baker, Captain
John Francis, Captain
Joseph Rea, Captain
Caleb Balch, Lieutenant
Samuel Cole, Lieutenant
Aaron Francis, Lieutenant
Samuel Goodridge, Lieutenant
William Groves, Lieutenant
Nicholas Newbury, Lieutenant
Curtis Woodberry, Lieutenant
Archelaus Batchelder, Ensign
Archelaus Deale, Ensign
Luke Roundy, Ensign
William Dodge, Sergeant-Major
Thomas Lakeman, Sergeant-Major
Richard Butman, Sergeant
Abner Dodge, Sergeant
Samuel Dodge, Sergeant
Simon Lovett, Sergeant
Jonathan Patch, Sergeant
Joseph Pickett, Sergeant

Ezra Leach
Ezra Lovett
Isaac Lovett
Jeremiah Lovett
Jonathan Lovett
Joseph Lovett
Pyam Lovett
William Lovett


Joseph Poland, Sergeant
Richard Standley, Sergeant
Isaac Thorndike, Sergeant
Jeremiah Thorndike, Sergeant
Benjamin Woodbury, Sergeant
Jeremiah Woodbury, Sergeant
Samuel Arbuckle, Corporal
John Cole, Corporal
Jeremiah Foster, Corporal
Nathaniel Flynt, Corporal
Joseph Freethy, Corporal
Benjamin Ober, Corporal
Benjamin Raymond, Corporal
Jonathan Standly, Corporal
Robert Twist, Corporal
Andrew Wood, Corporal
Edward Shaw, Fife-Major
Hale Hilton, Fifer
John Leech, Fifer
William Lewis, Fifer
Nicholas Presson, Fifer
William T. Manning, Drummer
Thomas Warden, Drummer
Benjamin Blashfield Wood, Drummer

Joseph Marble
Stephen Masury
John May
John McCarly
Peletiah McDorneld
Perley McIntire
Peter McGee
William Messer



Asahel Moore
John Morgan
William Morgan, Jr.
William Morgan, 2d
Zachariah Morgan
Mark Morse
Samuel Nurse
Simon Obear
Andrew Ober
Daniel Ober
Thomas Ober
William Pace
James Parice
William Parice
John Paris
Richard Patch
Robert Patch
William Patch
William Pearce
Henry Peirce
Israel Perkins
Joseph Pickett, Jr.
Robert Pickett
Aaron Porter
Benjamin Porter
John Porter, Jr.
Joseph Potter
Nathaniel Presson
Peter Pride
Blackenbury Prince
David Pritchard
Aaron Putnam
Amos Putnam
Abner Raymond
Benjamin Raymond, 2d
Caesar Raymon
Ebenezer Raymond
John Raymond, Jr.
Nathan Raymond
Nathaniel Raymond
William Raymond
Ebenezer Rea
Gideon Rea
Isaac Rea
Jacob Reed
Samuel Robertson
James Scott
Joseph Searle
John Seirle
Jonathn Setchell
Ambrus Sharley
Thomas Simons
Abner Smith
Edward Smith
Ephraim Smith
Isaac Smith
Robert Smith
Samuel Smith
John Spering
Benjamin Sprigs
Joseph Standley
Robert Standley
George Standy
Samuel Stone
Zachariah Stone
John Swain
William Syms
John Taylor
Jeffrey Thissell
Jeffrey Thissell, Jr.
Thorndike Thissell
James Thistle
Jethro Thistle
Francis Thompson
James Thomson
Matthew Tobin
Barnabas Trask
Freeborn Trask
Israel Trask
John Trask
Moses Trask
Osman Trask
Retire Trask
William Trask
William Trask, 2d
William Tuck
Benjamin Verry
Benjamin Wadden
Thomas Wadden
Bartholomew Wallis
Caleb Wallis, Jr.
Ebenezer Wallis
Joshua Wallis
Jesse Watts
Joseph Webster
James Whidden
Joseph White
Zac Whithee
Oliver Whitrige
Thomas Williams
William Woddell
Benjamin Woodberry, Jr.
Benjamin Woodberry, 4th
Nathaniel Woodberry
Nicholas Woodberry
Obed Woodberry
Robert Woodberry
Benjamin Woodbridge
Azarah Woodbury
Daniel Woodbury
Ebenezer Woodbury
Israel Woodbury
Jonathan Woodbury
Prince Woodbury
Benjamin Woodman
Ebenezer Waldron
George York
Edward Clark Young
Jonathan Young


Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Beverly, Massachusetts ~  Revolutionary War Honor Roll", Nutfield Genealogy, posted October 20, 2016,  ( accessed [access date]). 


  1. I wonder what resources were used back in 1930 to confirm service and that a name belonged on the plaque.

    1. I was wondering the same thing. Often there are more names that surface after these honor rolls are produced. I sometimes see names added on the back or sides of memorials.