Friday, August 18, 2017

Vintage Photos of Disneyland in the 1960s

My grandfather took these photographs on slide film in the 1960s at Disneyland in Anaheim, California.  Some of these rides are no longer in existence. Do you remember the "20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" submarine ride? Or the gondola ride up above all the other rides and through the Matterhorn mountain?

My first cousin discovered a large box of my grandparents' slides and sent them to me.  A second cousin offered to digitize the slides for me.  I've been featuring them on my blog once or twice a month. Some show relatives I don't know, or landscapes I don't recognize, but I think everyone recognizes Disneyland!

The Storybook Canal Boats still exist at Disneyland.  That finger on the lens is
something everyone sees in their family photo collection!

The Matterhorn is still at Disneyland, but the gondolas are gone
and the submarines are now a "Finding Nemo" attraction.

This is one of the scenes you could glimpse out the windows of the Disneyland Railroad

Main Street USA and the train station haven't changed much, have they?

Heather Wilkinson Rojo, "Vintage Photos of Disneyland in the 1960s", Nutfield Genealogy, posted August 18, 2017, ( accessed [access date]).


  1. Thanks for a fun post! Growing up in Orange County, California, in the 'sixties, I certainly do recognize "The Happiest Place on Earth." Based on the design of the Skyway cars, this would have been after 1965. I believe the photo of the Indian Village is a view from the Mark Twain Riverboat, however, rather than the train.

  2. I remember these rides. One year, my brother was sitting under the hatch of the submarine ride and it leaked! It was also his birthday. I went out there about 5 years ago and it is now a Nemo theme.

  3. Great photos. I scanned some old negatives from Disney in the late 70s last year. Its fun to see what has changed and what hasn't.