Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Wilton, New Hampshire Town Hall - Weathervane Wednesday!

It's Weathervane Wednesday!

Today's weathervane was spotted on the clock tower above the old Town Hall in Wilton, New Hampshire.

This historic town hall is home to the locally famous Town Hall Theatre at 42 Main Street.  This tiny movie theater shows silent movies to live music, classic films, and independent movies. The larger theater inside seats 250, and a smaller "screening room" seats 63.  You can see what movies are playing at this link:   

The building dates from 1886.  The clock is still original, made by the George Milton Stevens company of Boston.  One side of the building is the theater, originally built for travelling shows and vaudeville acts, and the other is still town offices.  It is on the National Register of Historic Places.  This is one of the first buildings built downtown after two devastating fires consumed most of the buildings in the center of town in 1874 and 1881.  

This weathervane is original to the building, just like the clock.  It is a gilded sunburst on a banner with a gilded knob.  The cardinal points are gilded, too.  These types of machined weathervanes were popular in the 1880s and often ordered from catalogs from factories in Waltham, Massachusetts instead of being locally produced by artisans.

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