Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Mayflower II Opens to Visitors

I was on hiatus, but this was too good to not share with you!

Even though I had tried to take a break from blogging during August, Plimoth Plantation announced that the tickets we had for the original reception to welcome the Mayflower II back to Plymouth in May (which was postponed) would be valid for a members-only boarding today.  We jumped at the chance to be some of the first visitors to board the Mayflower II at her home berth in Plymouth after the four year restoration project.  The ship will be open to the general public tomorrow (August 12th) and the Plimoth Plantation is open, too!  

The executive director of Plimoth Plantation
opened the Mayflower II exhibit with a ribbon cutting ceremony
Social distancing rules applied even to visiting the Mayflower II, 32 visitors are allowed onboard at a time

"Welcome aboard!"

It was fun exploring the Mayflower II before the general
public was allowed onboard. Usually one doesn't see any
twenty-first century gear on board, but since the crew had
just docked yesterday, there was plenty of stuff on board!

The crew was still fixing a few things here and there below decks! 

Every time I visit Mayflower II I imagine
the ship with 102 passengers plus all the crew!
How crowded it must have been!

Nice new paint job!  She looks beautiful!

We had a great time onboard the Mayflower II!  Even with masks in the 96 degree humidity!
The re-enactor portrays Captain Christopher Jones.
He was very good at answering questions about the
1620 Mayflower voyage.

Our welcome aboard snack!

And our free bottle of Mayflower water, too

This pop-up gift shop of Mayflower II and Mayflower 400th anniversary items to benefit the cost of the restoration project
will be at the site this week only!  Hurry down to see the Mayflower II and do some shopping!

The Mayflower II exhibit is owned and operated by Plimoth Plantation. Please see their website for ticket information:


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