Friday, February 12, 2021

1850 Valentine's Day Warning


From The New Hampshire Gazette, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Tuesday, February 12, 1850, Issue 7, page 2.  

"ST. VALENTINE'S - On Thursday, St. Valentine will hold his annual festival.  Single ladies and gentlemen may expect the usual quantity of favors, while "the little god Cupid" acts as post-boy.  Old bachelors should fortify their bosoms with an extra covering of linen, as the mischievous archer sometimes plays the dickens with tender breast-works.  Romantic girls should exercise caution in the distribution of their gilt edged missives, or they may find love-lorn swains susceptible enough to admit the "soft impeachment."  Finally, ladies, one and all, look out for the males on the morn of Valentine; and if you get caught, avenge yourselves by lass-ooing the rogues who wish to entangle you."


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