Thursday, March 18, 2021

Circa 1930s, Spain - Photo Friday


Souvenir from the Barracks of Bearzun (Navarra)
Maria Josefa

My mother-in-law was born just before the Spanish Civil War, while her father was stationed in the province of Navarra as a carabinero.  During the war he served in the military and eventually became a Guardia Civil.  She was born in Orbaiceta on the border with France, and this photo was taken when she was very little (maybe about two or three years old), at Bearzun de Elizondo, not far away.  This is a very tiny town with 52 inhabitants today.  I don't know how big the town was during the Civil War.  

I love this little photo of my mother-in-law as a toddler!  She looks very shy, and the doll in the corner is a very sweet part of the image.  This is part of her life I didn't know much about until we took her to Navarra a few years ago to visit the tiny town of Orbaiceta.  I'm very glad she always labeled her photos, too!  

Online I was able to find a description of the "Antiguo cuartel de Carabineros" in Bearzun (Beartzun), which was built in 1913, and is now a ruin.  It must have been a busy place during the war, since it was located right on the French border. Perhaps they were visiting someone at Bearzun, since it was so close to Orbaiceta.  The old Bearzun barrack is up for sale by the government, hoping that it will be renovated in to a hotel.  It is located on a popular hiking trail through the Pyrenees.  [see the website ] 

For another view of the old Bearzun barracks, see the photos of this Spanish blog which document a hike through the region, with photos of the barracks near the middle (scroll down). The views of the Pyrenees are beautiful.   


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  1. Do you have a family tree on family search for Maria Josefa. I have a few people in my tree with that same name. I am aware of two cities my ancestors lived in. One city is Andalucia and also Galicia. Any information would be great. Thank you

    1. Hi! No, I don't have this family on Family Search. The surnames are Garcia and Martin, very common names. They came from Salamanca, on the Portuguese border, from the towns of Villar de Ciervo and Puerto Seguro (very tiny towns!).