Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - Weathervane Wednesday

 Today's weathervane was photographed in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution was established in 1930 for the study of marine science and engineering. You may remember the WHOI mentioned in the movie Titanic.  They maintain a fleet of research vessels that are berthed in Woods Hole on Cape Cod, as well as smaller vessels and underwater vehicles such as Alvin and the Deepsea Challenger from the movie Titanic, donated by the film maker James Cameron.    

There are two campuses for the WHOI, both in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  The original buildings are located near and round Water Street in Woods Hole Village.  A second campus is located nearby, called the Quissett Campus, on Woods Hole Road closer to Falmouth.  Currently the Visitor Center and the Discovery Center are closed to visitors due to the COVID pandemic. 

The Bigelow building was the first laboratory built for the Institution in 1930.  It is located right on Water Street in the center of the campus. This three dimensional Viking ship is extremely detailed.  According to the Woods Hole museum, no one knows the symbolism of the Viking ship. 

Across the street from the Bigelow building we found this interesting piece of artwork (see below): 

For the truly curious:

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution website:   

Apparently there are three old weathervanes in Woods Hole, and we only caught one in a photograph during our recent visit to Cape Cod.  This document from the Woods Hole Museum describes all three weathervanes: 


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