Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Deer in Deerfield - Weathervane Wednesday

 Today's weathervane was photographed in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

This three dimensional weathervane of a leaping stag was spotted over the Yankee Candle shop at 25 Greenfield Road in South Deerfield, Massachusetts.  There were actually several cupolas with deer weathervanes above this sprawling store.  Inside the shop we found a Lego model of the building (yes, with a tiny Lego weathervane) so, of course, I included a photo below!

Deerfield, Massachusetts is a very historic town settled in the 1700s several times, but due to conflict with the French and nearby native tribes permanent settlement was delayed.  The museum known as Historic Deerfield documents the early days of settlement, loss, and resettlement. The land grant was first known as Pocumpatuck after the local Indians, which became the towns of Deerfield, Greenfield and Gill.  A History of Deerfield, Massachusetts, Volume 1, page 41 suggests "An abundance of deer in this locality may have suggested [the name of] Deerfield".  

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