Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tristram Coffin, died 1704, Newbury, Massachusetts - Tombstone Tuesday

 This tombstone was photographed at the First Parish Burial Ground in Newbury, Massachusetts

Tristram Coffin is my 11th great-uncle, and the brother of my 10th great grandmother, Elizabeth Coffin (1635 - 1678) who married Stephen Greenleaf.  Tristram Coffin was born 1 February 1632 in Brixton, Devonshire, England and died 4 February 1704 in Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts.  He married Judith Greenleaf on 2 March 1652 (yes, two brothers married two sisters!) The most interesting thing about these two couples is that Judith Greenleaf is also my 10th great grandmother through her first marriage to Henry Somerby in 1644. I descend from their daughter, Elizabeth Somerby who married Nathaniel Clark in Newbury in 1663. 

Tristram lived in Newbury, and all the Coffins of that town are descended from him. His house was standing in 1869, two hundred years old. He was a very active and influential citizen. He was made Lieutenant of the first military company of Newbury,16 May 1683; was a Representative to General Court in 1695, 1700, 1701, and 1702; was a Deacon in the church for twenty years. He was a merchant tailor.   His house still stands on High Road, Newbury, Massachusetts and is operated as a house museum by Historic New England. 

His epithet reads:  "To the memory of Tristram Coffin Esq., who having served the church of Christ in the office of deacon 20 years died Feb. 4th 1703-4 aged 72 years.  On earth he purchased a good degree, Great boldness in the faith and liberty And now possesses immortality."


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  1. Another line we share, cousin! I am descended from Elizabeth's and Tristram's brother James.

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    1. Yes! This is a fairly new lineage for me to uncover. Now I have quite a few Newbury ancestors that I never knew about.