Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wells, Maine Town Hall - Weathervane Wednesday

 Today's weathervane was photographed over the Town Hall, 208 Sanford Road, Wells, Maine.

This terrific weathervane is a highly detailed three masted ship with white sails.  It is located on the cupola above the Wells Municipal Building or town hall.  The original meetinghouse was a small wooden building built in 1662, which burned in 1692 during a raid by the indigenous people of the area.  A second meetinghouse was built in 1699, and a third one in the 1770s.  The current meetinghouse was built in 1862 as a church known as the First Congregational Church of Wells,  and is now used by the Historical Society. 

The Wells Municipal Offices Building was built in the 1960s.  There were several previous town halls built in the 1800s and 1900s after town government separated from the churches.  Most "meetinghouses" in New England were formerly used as churches.

For the truly curious:

The Town of Wells, Maine  

The Historical Society of Wells and Ogunquit, Maine  

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  1. Such detail! A lot of care has gone into the design and creation of this.