Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hutchinson Family- The Saga Continues

Oh, the power of the blog strikes again!

A friend saw my blogs about the Hutchinson family, and sent me to the Revels website see the scheduled performance of Hutchinson family songs and history!

The Revels is a community organization that brings historic music to life. They have an annual Christmas Revels show that celebrates folk music, and performances throughout the year. There are Pub Sings in the Boston area, which evolved out of cast members wanting to share folk music, colonial drinking songs, sea chanteys, etc. But most exciting is that they will perform the music of the Hutchinson family on March 7, 2010 in Watertown, Massachusetts!

See the link for more about this performance titled “There’s a Meeting Here Tonight!” after one of the Hutchinson family’s most famous songs. I blogged about the history of this 19th century singing family on January 8th and January 11th. They were most famous for singing about abolition, suffrage, emancipation and the Civil War.

The Hutchinson family of Milford, New Hampshire lived so long ago there are no recordings of their voices. We can only appreciate their contributions to civil rights and history through memoirs, biographies and groups like the Revels, who continue to bring their music to today’s audiences. Thanks Dan and Molly for notifying me!

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