Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine’s Day in the Family Tree

I know that St. Valentine’s Day was popular in the middle ages, through the tradition of courtly love. It was popular again in the Victorian Era when all things romantic, classical and sentimental were revived. However, I very much doubt that in Puritan New England couples chose this date as their wedding day. It was probably just coincidental that some of these marriages took place on February 14th.

Members of my family tree with wedding anniversaries on February 14th:

Elizabeth Andrews and Samuel Symonds, 1662 in Salem, Massachusetts
Abigail Woodbury and William Ellingwood, 1718 in Salem, Massachusetts
Thankful Winslow and Theophilus Crosby, 1723 in Harwich, Massachusetts
Mary Herrick and Thomas West, 1731 in Beverly, Massachusetts
Sarah Knight and Anthony Brackett, 1734 in Scarboro, Maine
Hepzibah Rowe and Benjamin Tarr, 1749 in Gloucester, Massachusetts
Prudence Proctor and James Buffington, 1765 in Danvers, Massachusetts
Jane Bremner and Johann Daniel Bollman, 1782 in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia (4x great grandparents)
Abigail Mace and Simon Locke, 1792 in Greenland, New Hampshire (my 5x great grandparents)
Elizabeth Anne Haley and George A. Landers, 1856 in Nova Scotia
Sarah Ellen Learock and Michael Creamer Wilkin, 1858 in Salem, Massachusetts
Idella Ernestine Wilkinson and George Myron Stearns, 1882 in Boston, Massachusetts
Gertrude Matilda Hitchings and Stanley Elmer Allen, married in 1925 in Hamilton, Massachusetts (my grandparents, in the photo above)
Mary Aileen Stillman and Valentine Grover Holt, 1951 in Hawaii
Aileen Ruth Robinson and Rodney Kragness , 1962

The top photo is my grandparents, Gertrude and Stanley Allen, at their 50th Anniversary Party in Beverly, Massachusetts in 1975. The bottom photo is my grandparents, at that same Valentines/Anniversary party, surrounded by 17 of their 29 grand children!


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  1. Another cousin connection, Heather. My great grandmother was Clara Ellingwood, a descendent
    of Ralph Ellinwood. Was your William born in 1691
    and his father Benjamin Ellingwood?

    I'm also descended from Humphrey Woodbury of
    Beverly so there's a double connection through that marriage.


  2. Very nice post, and I think your family liked February 14th. So Bill is yet another cousin, unfortunately, I didn't see any familiar names. Thanks for this, gives me an idea for next year...if I'm still doing this.

  3. Samuel Symonds 1638-1722 and Elizabeth Andrews were my 8th GGU and 8th GGA. John Symonds 1593-1671 and Mary Katherine Smythe Symonds were my 9th GGParents, too. :)

  4. Hi Heather...Very nice piece! John Simonds 1593-1671 is my 9th GGF. His son Samuel Simonds 1638-1722 and wife Elizabeth Andrews who were married on Valentine's ❤Day as was mentioned in your post were my 9th GG Uncle and Aunt. I also had my Aunt Phyllis Locke Towne. Her family co owned the Locke-Over restaurant in Boston.
    I haven't found a relationship to the Mayflower, yet. My Towne and Frost side came over in the 1630's. I enjoy your Nutfield Genealogy Blog. Thank you and Happy Valentine's Day!!!