Friday, March 5, 2010

Interesting names from the Family Tree!

An assortment of interesting names pulled from my database. Every one of them is an actual name!

I suppose that some of these names were fashionable in their own time. My name, Heather, is now a popular name, but when my mother first named me the pediatrician said “That’s a dog’s name!” (His mother raised Scots Terriers!)

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Onesiphorus Allen (1642-1718) my 8th Great Uncle, and his son Onesiphorus Allen, Jr. (b. 1674), other interesting Allen names are Bezaleel, Shearjashub, Hephzibah and Zerubabbel.

Lemon Beadle- (1680-1717) his mother’s maiden name was Lemon, poor kid! My 7x great grandfather.

Janet Wilkinson Blades (1898-1981) was my great aunt. This was her married name, and she took a lot of kidding for it!

Ebenezer Ingraham Bill- (1805-1891) plus four descendants with this exact name. I always thought his name should be written backward. The Bill Family made up for a very plain surname with a plethora of interesting given names: Arabella, Asahel, Benajah, Bozoan, Ethelinda, Mehitable, Isabella and Zerviah.

Samuel Draper (1690 – 1767), my first cousin 10x removed, named his sons Newburyport, New York, Boston and James. He was a privateer, and I suppose he was away a lot! At least for the first three sons.

Skelton Felton- (about 1680-1749) – My first cousin 9x removed. His grandmother’s name was Skelton, unfortunately. This left a lasting legacy of about four generations of Skelton Feltons. This name causes a lot of giggling at the Annual Felton Family Reunion in Peabody, Massachusetts.

Washington Adams Jefferson Wilkinson ( b. 1804 in Smithfield, Rhode Island) His parents couldn’t make up their minds which president they liked best.

I also found various Puritan virtue names are sprinkled liberally here and there. Besides the usual Patience, Prudence and Constance I found the more unusual names of Retire, Fear, Comfort, Submit, Plain, Remember, Freelove, Hopestill, and (last but not least!) is my very all time favorite strange name on this list: Hatevil Nutter (1598-about 1675) and his three descendants by the same name, my first cousin 8 generations removed.

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  1. Great names! My favorite out of that bunch would have to Lemon. Is her middle name pie? How cute is that??

  2. Wow Heather you've got some doozies!!! Makes my list look like nothing LOL. Yes I'd like to see more genea bloggers name lists too!

    Have a lovely day, Kylie :-)

  3. Onesiphorus? Why didn't my mother think of that? Where is it from?