Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day- My Matrilineal Line

Mom (circa 1945, about 10 years old)

Grandmother- Gertrude Matilda Hitchings
Graduation photo from Beverly High School
(b. 1905 Beverly, Massachusetts
d. 2001, Peabody, Massachusetts)
Great Grandmother- Florence Etta Hoogerzeil
b. 1871, Beverly, Massachusetts
d. 1941, Hamilton, Massachusetts

Great Great Grandmother- Mary Etta Healey
Seated, with the baby on her lap
(The other woman holding a baby is Florence Etta Hoogerzeil)
b. 1852, Beverly, Massachusetts
d. 1932, Beverly, Massachusetts

Great Great Great Grandmother- Matilda Weston
b. 1825, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
d. 1909, Beverly, Massachusetts

Great Great Great Great Grandmother- Mary Clements or Pratt?
Wife of Zadoc Weston b. 1761 Massachusetts
d. 1849 in Nova Scotia

There is a story here. The Mayflower Society’s Five Generations Project Book (Silver Book, Myles Standish ,2007, page 121)lists the wife of Zadoc Weston as Mary Pratt of Chester, Nova Scotia. However, my 3x great grandmother’s death record in Beverly, Massachusetts lists her parents as Zadoc Weston and Mary Clement. Did Mary Pratt remarry someone named Clement? Was there a completely different woman, also named Mary? Was the informant wrong? If anyone knows the answer, please contact me, for my matrilineal line ends here!

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  1. Heather, Very nice arrangement of photos for the women. Thanks for sharing it.