Saturday, February 26, 2011

Betty’s Boneyard – Surname Saturday

I had a nice surprise from Betty Tartas of Washington State yesterday. She informed me that she went through all the names in my online family tree, and matched up many of them with her own family tree. In looking at our shared colonial immigrant ancestors she found that we shared 111 ancestors!

This is an incredible amount of ancestors to share, and it took Betty an incredible amount of work and effort to pore through the records matching up names. Please take a moment to look at her post “Surname Saturday: New England Ancestors Shared with Heather Wilkinson Rojo” at this link

You can also peruse her very interesting blog. She has a very interesting genealogy blog called “Betty’s Boneyard” with a lot of New England genealogy stories, as well as ongoing African American posts, DNA genealogy information, and ethnic European genealogy from Switzterland, the Netherlands, Scotland, etc. She describes herself as “a retired elementary school teacher with a passion for research and a love of history. I have been actively researching my family tree for ten years.”

Betty’s Boneyard


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