Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I found these Valentine birthdays in my family tree…

Ebenezer Wilkinson, born 14 Feb 1762 in Dedham, Massachusetts

Ezra Wilkinson, 1801 Wrentham, Massachusetts

John Hitchings, 1804, Malden, Massachusetts

James Wilson, 1820, Danvers, Massachusetts

Solomon Perkins Mears, 1829, Essex, Massachusetts

Eliza Strong Snelling, 1838, New York City

Robert Crooker Allen, 1847, Essex, Massachusetts

Christopher Frances Snelling, 1846, Chelsea, Massachusetts

Howard Merton Wilkinson, 1889, Ashby, Massachusetts

Onno Pieter Hogerzeil, 1951, Marseille, France


Last year I posted some marriages on Valentine’s Day at this link:

More Valentine’s Weddings

Silas Green and Nancy Batchelder, 1844, Hampton, New Hampshire

John Tyler Hassam and Nelly Batchelder, 1878, Salem, Massachusetts


Love Stories on my blog:

A Love Story Too Sad for Valentine’s Day- the story of Deborah Wilson, persecuted Quaker in 1662 Salem, Massachusetts

Have a Cow? Win a wife! - The story of William Cogswell, b. 1659 and how he and a little girl rescued a cow, only to marry her (the girl, not the cow!)  later in 1685.

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  1. Your second love story reminds me of the title of a short piece by Gertrude Stein, "As A Wife Has a Cow: A Love Story." Happy Valentine's Day to you!