Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Old Ship Meeting House, Hingham, Massachusetts - Not so Wordless Wednesday

The Old Ship Meeting House
Hingham, Massachusetts 1681

 The congregation in Hingham, Massachusetts was first gathered in 1635. Part of the building that is still standing here was built in 1681, replacing the first very primitive meeting house. It is still being used as a church today. It is the only remaining 17th century Puritan meeting house in the United States. The roof and ceiling beams resemble a ship's structure, and it was probably built by ship's carpenters, which is how it got it's nickname "The Old Ship". The first minister was the Reverend Peter Hobart (1604- 1679), sister to my 9X Great Grandmother Rebecca Hobart (1611-1679) who married Edward Bangs (1591-1678).

typical little pew boxes

the pulpit

the view from the gallery

For more information:

The Old Ship Church Unitarian Universalist website

Behind the Old Ship Church is a lovely old burial ground, and last year I wrote a blog post about one of its more famous grave markers....

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  1. My ancestor Thomas Joy was the builder and architect of the old ship meeting house. He also was the architect and builder of the original meeting house in Boston which burned in 1711 and was on the site of the old state house. I believe he is also buried in the graveyard there near the church.