Friday, December 23, 2011

Follow Friday – some favorite websites

Here is a list of blogs I have enjoyed this past year.  I tried to list ones that are not genealogy websites, but still of interest to genealogists or historians.   Harold Burnham, wooden ship builder in Essex, Massachusetts. If you have ancestry from Essex, someone in your family tree probably built ships!   J. L. Bell, author and historian, writes about Boston on the eve of the American Revolutionary War.     Anthony Vaver, author and blogger writes about crime and punishment in Colonial and Early America.   Melinda Bowers, this one is just for fun!   Peter M,  writes about the weird and interesting folklore from New England.

A blog from the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts   Very interesting stories based on "stuff" from their collections.  This is the archive where I first discovered genealogy research when I was a teenager, because it was within bike riding distance from my house!    Every summer there is an archeological dig at the homestead of the Howland family (of the Mayflower) in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  Follow the dig, or read past posts about what they have discovered.  each post is a full biography of a woman in history, including wives of Founding Fathers, wives of Patriots, and women who were famous on their own (inventors, writers, spies, etc.)
an assortment of New England genealogy websites new to me:

Bloodlines of Salem, a collection of information and links pertaining to Salem, Massachusetts circa 1692, the year of the witchcraft hysteria

Digital Commonwealth  a collection of links to materials held by Massachusetts libraries, museums, historical societies and archives

The Italian Genealogical Society of America

My Kennebunks, the history of the Kennebunks, Maine by Sharon Cummins

Seacoast New Hampshire   history, news, arts, tourist information and even a blog-  all hosted by Portsmouth, NH historian J. Dennis Robinson

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