Sunday, March 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!

My sister and I early in the morning before the 1973 Memorial Day Parade in Holden, Massachusetts.  She was about eight and I was about twelve years old.  I was a Girl Scout until my junior year of high school when I earned the Gold Award (the equivalent of Eagle Scout for boys).   I then joined an Explorer Troop (run by the Boy Scouts, this program is co-ed).  As a student teacher in college I helped out with a Brownie troop run by my dorm. 

Our big Senior Girl Scout trip to
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1975

When I had my own daughter, I became a Girl Scout Troop leader for twelve years.  Here we are in 2003 selling Girl Scout cookies at the local Londonderry Dunkin' Donuts drive through.  The big box on the ground was for donated boxes of cookies for the soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan.  The girls were super saleswomen and made enough money for a spa weekend on Cape Cod, complete with lobster dinners, a day on Martha's Vineyard island, and a day of biking on the rail trail to the National Seashore.  (that's some of them below, posing at Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard in 2004)

Yes, before genealogy blogging I was writing up
stories on Girl Scouting activities for the Derry News!
This story is from September 2003

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  1. I've got to get my act together and do a Girl Scout post. As a long-time Girl Scout and later a leader, I have ample memories and pictures. I always said that I got one-third of my education in Girl Scouts. Thanks for posting.

  2. Gold Award equivalent to the Boy Scouts Eagle -- well in the sense that both are the highest achievement in their respecitve Scouting organizations, yes. But as I always told my two Eagle sons and the boys in my Troop when I was Scoutmaster, the Gold Award is much more rare than Eagle and so a Gold Award recipient should be viewed as very special indeed!

  3. Great article. Thanks for the info, it’s easy to understand. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a boy eagle scout, I found a blank form here