Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Wilkinsons in Peabody, Massachusetts

These gravestones were photographed at Cedar Grove Cemetery in Peabody, Massachusetts by Jack Parker through a request I made at FindAGrave.com for Nellie Wilkinson's gravestone.  He also found the second gravestone while he was there, and they are all relatives. Mr. Parker was kind enough to grant me permission to post these photos on my blog.  Thanks, Jack! 

The Wilkinson Stone 

Close up version

back of the above stone

This is the additional Wilkinson stone he found

The back of the above stone

The Wilkinson Genealogy:

Generation 1:  Aaron Wilkinson, born 22 February 1802 in South Berwick, Maine, the son of William Wilkinson and Mercy Nason, died on 25 November 1879 in Peabody, Massachusetts; married on 23 June 1829 in Danvers, Massachusetts to Mercy F. Wilson, daughter of Robert Wilson and Mary Southwick.  She was born on 17 June 1803 in Danvers, Massachusetts, and died 9 October 1883 in Peabody.  They had eleven children. I am a descendant of the eldest child, Robert Wilson Wilkinson.

Generation 2: George Washington Wilkinson, born 10 February 1832 in Salem, Massachusetts, died in 1865; married on 28 September 1856 in Danvers to Sally Richardson Peasley, daughter of John Peasley and Dorcas Osborn.  Sally was born on 25 January 1832 in South Danvers, and died 24 December 1914 in Peabody.  They had two children.

Generation 3: Frank Augustus Wilkinson, born on 1 December 1856 in Peabody, died in 1941; married on 24 November 1877 in Peabody to Laura E. Tucker, daughter of Charles E. Tucker and Emmeline A. Stone.  She was born on 13 January 1858 in South Danvers, died in 1940. Two children:

1. Nellie F. Wilkinson, born on 18 May 1878 in Peabody, died unmarried on 30 October 1964 in Peabody.
2. Charles Erastus Wilkinson, born on 16 December 1880 in Peabody, died on 27 Mar 1921; married first on 29 August 1906 in Beverly, Massachusetts to Abigail Frances Ravel. Abigail was born on 8 September 1876 in Salem, the daughter of John A. Ravel and Margaret Poor.  He married second to Annie May Robinson, daughter of Charles E. Robinson and Minnie Bertha Heald, born on 10 March 1897 in Lowell, Massachusetts.  
Two children by Abigail:
1. Raymond Ashby Wilkinson, born 23 May 1908 in Salem, married first to Ruth J. Thorner, married second to Charlotte Mathieson.  Three children with Charlotte. 
2. Charles Kenneth Wilkinson, born 9 March 1911 in Salem, died on 29 June 1988 in Danvers; married Edith Annette Wiley.  Three sons. 

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