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Surname Saturday ~ Crosby

Robert Crosby is my 9x great grandfather, born about 30 October 1596 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, Yorkshire, England, and died before 1640 in Rowley, Massachusetts.  His third cousin, Thomas Crosby, was born about 1575 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor and died on 6 May 1661 in Rowley, too.  These two families have a common ancestor in Yorkshire- John Crosby born about 1440. 

Not only is this confusing, but Robert had a great grandfather named Thomas Crosby, born in 1510 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, married to a Jannett Unknown.  Thomas had a 2x great grandfather named Thomas Crosby, born in 1505 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, married to a Jannett Unknown (but widow of a John Bell).  Often I see family trees where these two Thomas Crosbys are merged into one man married to one woman named Jannett, making Robert and Thomas closer cousins.  However, this is not true. 

All of Robert Crosby’s children were baptized in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, including the youngest child Hannah, who was baptized on 31 October 1634.  They must have come to New England after this date.  His wife Constance received a grant of land in 1643, so he must have been dead by this time.

Thomas Crosby, the distant cousin, was well to do, according to tax records in England.  They arrived in New England with a group of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers followers before 1640.  They are thought to have lived for a time with the widow of their son, Simon, in Cambridge, before removing to Rowley.   Simon Crosby came on the ship “Susan and Ellyn” in 1635 with the followers of Rev. Thomas Shepard.   Simon died young and his wife married Rev. William Tompson of Braintree (now the town of Quincy), Massachusetts.

The Crosbys were a fairly well off family in England and immigrated for religious reasons as part of the Puritan Great Migration. The records in England have been well documented by genealogists. 


Some good Crosby sources (there are many!):

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“The Crosby Family of New York”, by Ernest Howard Crosby, October 1898, New York Genealogical and Biographical Record.
Lineage A:

Generation 1:  John Crosby born about 1440, married Agnes Unknown

Generation 2:  John Crosby born about 1470

Generation 3:  Thomas Crosby born about 1505 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, died 1555 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor;  married to Jennett Unknown. Six children.

Generation 4: Richard Crosby, born about 1532 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor; married Margaret Stevenson

Generation 5: John Crosby, born about 1556 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, died about 1604 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor; married on 31 August 1594 to Jane Webster.

Generation 6: Robert Crosby, baptized on 30 October 1596 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, died before 1640 in Rowley, Massachusetts; married on 22 July 1622 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor to Constance Brigham, daughter of Thomas Brigham and Isabel Watson.  She was born in 1602 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, and died on 25 January 1684 in Rowley, Massachusetts. Five children.

Generation 7:  Mary Crosby, baptized on 4 December 1629 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, died on 29 November 1667 in Rowley; married on 16 January 1647 in Rowley to Richard Langthorne, son of John Langthorne and Jane Clement.  He was born about 1622 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, and died on 13 February 1668 in Rowley. Ten children.

Generation 8. Constance Langthorne married Jonathan Mooers. 
Generation 9: Sarah Mooer and George Munroe
Generation 10: Andrew Munroe and Lucy Mixer
Generation 11:  Andrew Munroe and Ruth Simonds
Generation 12:  Luther Simonds Munroe and Olive Flint
Generation 13: Phebe Cross Munroe and Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 14: Albert Munroe Wilkinson and Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 15: Donald Munroe Wilkinson and Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)
Lineage B:

Generation 1:  John Crosby born about 1440, married Agnes Unknown

Generation 2:  Miles Crosby born about 1483, died after 1538

Generation 3: Thomas Crosby, born 1510, died on 16 March 1559 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor; married about 1542 to Jannett, widow of John Bell. Four children.

Generation 4: Anthony Crosby, born about 1545; married about 1570 to Alison Blanchard

Generation 5: Thomas Crosby, born about 1575 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, died 6 May 1661 in Rowley; married Jane Sothern, daughter of William Sothern and Constance Lambert.

Generation 6: Simon Crosby, born 1609 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor and died September 1639 in Cambridge, Massachusetts; married on 21 April 1634 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor to Ann Brigham, daughter of Thomas Brigham and Isabel Watson. Three children.

Generation 7: Reverend Thomas Crosby, born 26 February 1635 in Holme-on-Spaulding-Moor, died 13 June 1702 in Boston; married Sarah Unknown.  Twelve children.

Generation 8: John Crosby, born 4 December 1670 in Eastham, Massachusetts, died on 25 May 1717 in Harwich, Massachusetts; married about 1703 to Hannah Bangs, daughter of Jonathan Bangs and Mary Mayo. She was born on 14 March 1676 in Eastham, died about 1715. Six children.

Generation 9: Jonathan Crosby, born 2 November 1705 in Harwich, died 26 July 1782 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada; married before 7 March 1734 to Hannah Hamblin, daughter of Benjamin Hamblin and Hope Huckins. Eleven children.

Generation 10: Ebenezer Crosby, born 26 August 1747 in Mansfield, Connecticut, died 26 February 1826 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia; married on 8 September 1774 to Elizabeth Robinson, daughter of Jabez Robinson and Tabitha Green.  She was born 17 June 1750 in Falmouth, Massachusetts; died 27 July 1837 in Nova Scotia.  Eleven children.

Generation 11:  Rebecca Crosby, born 19 December 1789 in Yarmouth; married on 12 August 1808 in Chebogue, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Comfort Haley, son of Comfort Haley and Abigail Allen. Comfort was born 9 October 1787 in Chebogue, and died 3 December 1874 in Chebogue.  Eleven children.

Generation 12: Joseph Edwin Healey married Matilda Weston

Generation 13: Mary Etta Healey married Peter Hoogerzeil
Generation 14: Florence Etta Hoogerzeil married Arthur Treadwell Hitchings
Generation 15: Gertrude Matilda Hitchings married Stanley Elmer Allen (my grandparents)

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  1. Fascinating details - and so wonderful to be able to dig back so far, too! I love to try to find out the origins/meanings of names - and of course there is lots on Crosby (Old Norse in Eng/Scotland). Those Norsemen got around, eh?! Thanks for such an interesting post.

  2. Hello cousin! I am from Lineage B, through Miles Crosby. At generation 8, my line follows Thomas 2nd. I wrote some about Simon Crosby coming to America on my blog.

    1. Nice website! I have many Crosby stories on my blog, you can search for Crosby with the search bar at the top, or use the keyword CROSBY in the right hand column. I enjoyed your website, and we are also CHILTON cousins.

  3. Great website and Thank you for sharing with us. My husbands line is through Lineage B down to Prudence who married Jeremiah Fisher.

  4. This is really cool. I don't think I am descended from Robert, but must now check.