Friday, August 24, 2012

Update at Nutfield Genealogy

August has been a busy month, even though I wasn’t even home one week to work on genealogy!  I spent some time on Long Island, and found several interesting things to blog about later, including my posts on Shelter Island, the Dolan DNA Learning Center and the Walt Whitman Birthplace.  I always find something historical when we are sightseeing! 

Last month my newest guest blogger, Betty Pye Wing, launched her own blog The Pye Plate at   This is the third time I’ve encouraged someone to start their own blog, and they all are wonderful!  In fact, one of these bloggers has also started a second blog (unrelated to genealogy), so they must be having fun!  And I think that The Pye Plate is one of the all time great names for a blog!  

The Nesmith Public library in Windham has honored me by placing a link to my blog on their page of genealogical resources on their website.  Windham is one of the original towns that made up the grant of land known as Nutfield.  It’s always nice to learn more about Windham.  I was surprised to see quite a few hits on my blog that traced back to the library website.  What a great surprise.  Check it out!

Just last week a student at St. Anselm’s college in Manchester contacted me about using one of my photographs of a family burial plot in her presentation.  It is a lecture “for medical professionals that will contrast how the culture was in the 1800s vs. today for the acceptance of death and dying.”  I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that presentation!  I granted her permission, attributed to my photographer, Vincent Rojo, and I applauded her for asking.  I’m sure many more of my photos have been “lifted” without permission.  You can see the photo of the Pettingill Burial Ground of Londonderry at this link:

A story I posted last year on the Towne Family Burial Ground around the corner from my house will be published in the next issue of the Towne Family Association newsletter, “About Towne” (another great name!).   I just received permission to take photos of the folk art portraits of Robert Boyd and Mary Towne that hang in Londonderry’s Leach Public Library to accompany the article.  If you are a descendant of William Towne and Joanna Blessing who came to Salem, Massachusetts about 1635, you can read all about it! The condominium I live in now was built on the Boyd dairy farm in the 1960s.  The Townes lived across the street, near the burial ground.  William must have fell in love with “the girl next door!”

Cousin Connections:

While I was in Long Island I received an email from a brother and sister who were excited to find their Wilkinson ancestors on my blog.  They were able to trace 11 generations back!  Some photos of a graveyard  I had posted from my first cousin near Brownsville, Maine helped them to put it all together.  We are very distant cousins, but it’s always nice to meet another Wilkinson descendant.

Another sharp eyed reader found several common ancestors on my blog, HAM, HEARD and HULL among others, and sent me the link for the Tamsen Meserve counterfeiter story.  It was too good not to share, so it was yesterday’s post.  I hope you enjoyed it, too!

A third cousin wrote to me from Texas, after he saw my story about the Draper and Maynard Sports Equipment Company, and the very unique name of Cupe Adams.  He must have used Google.  I don’t think there are many people in the world with the name Cupe.  He said that he was Cupe Adams, the 5th George Herbert Adams.   He also divulged that the first George got the nickname Cupe from delivering love messages to the girls side of campus to the boys side of campus.  The students started calling him Cupid.  It evolved into Cupe.  It was a great name to use for “cousin bait”!   The story about Cupe Adams can be found at this link:

Enjoy what little of summer is left! 

Copyright 2012, Heather Wilkinson Rojo

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