Monday, September 10, 2012

Merrimack, New Hampshire's First Meeting House

The site of the first Meeting House in Merrimack is located on Meeting House Road,
 next to the Turkey Hill cemetery.  

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Old photographs of the
first meeting house before the 1896 fire

Merrimack was first incorporated as "Rumford" in 1733, but soon after was known as "Merrimac" or "Merrymac".  The settlers petitioned England for more land, and were given a charter in 1746 for Merrimack.  The first town meeting was held that year.  The first meeting house was built in 1751, and it burned in 1896.

For more about Merrimack, New Hampshire:

The History of Merrimack, New Hampshire: with Genealogies of Merrimack Families, by the Merrimack Historical Society, 1976  (available to read online at Google Book Search)

The History of Merrimack, New Hampshire:

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