Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday ~ Benjamin Bangs, died 1814

This tombstone was photographed at the Ancient Burial Ground in Brewster, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  I have posted about other members of the Bangs family previously, look for the links in the story below, or click on "Bangs" the keyword in the list in the right hand column of this blog.  This stone caught my eye because of the beautiful intricate carving, unlike most of the other stones in this cemetery. The epitaph is an excerpt of a poem by Thomas Campbell, "The Pleasures of Hope", 1799 .

In memory of 
who died
march 9, 1814
AET 56.
Cold in the dust this perish'd heart must lie
But that which warmed it shall never die
That shall resist the triumph of decay
When time is o'er and worlds are pass'd away
Shall beam on Joy's interminable years
Unveil'd by darkness - unassuag'd by tears. 

Benjamin Bangs was born 24 July 1758 in Harwich, Massachusetts, and died 9 March 1814 in Brewster.  he was the son of Captain Benjamin Bangs (1721 - 1769) and Desire Dillingham (1729- 1807).  He married Mary Hatch about 1780 and had eight children born in Harwich.

1.) Benjamin Bangs, born 10 December 1783
2.) Nancy Bangs, born  22 December 1785
3.) Isaac Bangs, born 10 October 1787
4.) Desire Bangs, born 10 February 1789
5.) George Bangs, born 22 May 1791
6.) William Bangs, born 10 March 1793
7.) Jonathan Bangs, born 21 May 1795, married Polly Lincoln in 1818
8. ) Philander Bangs, born 1797, died 1797

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  1. Really impressive detail on this! Great find, and thanks for sharing. Really beautiful art! ~ Jen

  2. A gorgeous tombstone with wonderful clear details of the carving. Very sweet.