Friday, November 9, 2012

Veteran's Day Transcription Project

Here is a list of genealogy bloggers who have transcribed the honor rolls on Veteran's and September 11th Memorials. These transcriptions make the names available for search engines. This allows descendants, researchers and family members to find their heroes on the internet. It is a simple, but very rewarding project. Thank you for participating!

Comments from family members:

"I never knew my ancestor was in the Civil War until I Googled his name and found it on your blog!  Thanks so much for your project - Charles Chase"  13 Dec 2011

" Thank you! Aina Bernier- daughter of Ernest Albert Bernier, Jr."  27 Jan 2011

If you would like to add your blog post to this compendium, please contact me at

Lomita Veterans Memorial, by Denise Spurlock

Torrance Veterans Memorial, by Denise Spurlock

Muster Roll of the Toombs Guards, 1861,
from the Bulloch County Deed Book, FK, page 115, by Georgia Tim

Bridgton World War I monument, by Pam Seavey


Essex, Massachusetts (RootsWeb site by Kurt Wilhelm)

Chelmsford, Cimetiere Saint Joseph Franco American Veteran's Memorial by Michelle Robillard

Macon Cemetery Soldier's Monument, by Carol Stevens

Franklin City Park Veteran's Memorial, by Terri Callio

New Hampshire
The Derry World War I Honor Roll

The Derry World War II Honor Roll

Derry, Lebanon, Granada, Panama and Persian Gulf Wars Honor Roll

Derry- Afghanistan and Iraq Wars Honor Roll

Hudson, Honor Rolls in the Old Hills Memorial Library Building
Colonial Wars 1745-1760, War of the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, the Civil War (War between the States), and the Spanish American War

Londonderry High School Veteran's Honor Roll

The Londonderry World War I Honor Roll

The Londonderry World War II Honor Roll

The Londonderry World Korean War Honor Roll

The Londonderry Vietnam War Honor Roll

The Londonderry 99 - A list of Revolutionary War soldiers

Portsmouth World War I Honor Roll, by Jennifer Shoer

Portsmouth POW- MIA Memorial, by Jennifer Shoer

State of New Hampshire War Memorial at University of New Hampshire -
Alumni who served in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietname, Afganistan and Iraq and other conflicts (alphabetical order):

Windham, World War II Honor Roll

Windham, World War I Honor Roll

Windham, Civil War Honor Roll

Windham, War of 1812 Honor Roll

Windham, American Revolution Honor Roll

Windham, French and Indian Wars (1744 - 1763)

New Mexico
The Gwinnett Justice Center Memorial, by Valerie Craft

Camp Kearns, by Banai Feldstein

Kent, England, United Kingdom (not a blog, but a great project)

Middlesbrough, England, United Kingdom (also, not a blog post)

Odiham, England, United Kingdom

Tamworth, North Staffordshire, United Kingdom

War Memorials Trust, United Kingdom

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